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Family of origin (Research Paper Sample)


I am adding a paper that I did that will help you answer the 10 questions which are # a,b,e,g,h,j,k,m,o,and p also the instructions will be added for the paper. Total number of papers that is added is 14. two more papers will be added later on with more detailed information for the paper.Five papers will be written the #6 PAPER WILL BE THE GEOGRAM.DO THE BEST YOU CAN FROM THE INFORMATION ON ANSWERING THE 10 QUESTIONS.


What was it like growing up in your home? I was the third child of six siblings. I had three brothers and two sisters. My parents made minimal wages. When an item of one of my brothers or sisters items was missing, there was a very huge fight. It was noisy in the house most of the time because there were so many of us. I did not have any privacy. When I went to school, I realized that I was in the same classroom all day when the other children were changing classes. I noticed my books were different. My mother instilled in us to pray over everything that went into our mouth. We prayed every time we traveled out of town. When one person ate. The entire family ate. We all sat down at the dining room table, said our prayers or said a Bible verse such as "Jesus wept," as long as we all had to say something. My family house was on the first floor we had a big living room dining room mom and dad room the kitchen which the girl's room was right outside of the kitchen. Sleeping arrangements were that my brothers had a set of bunk beds on one side of the dining room, one bed on the other side of the dining room with the table in the middle of the dining room. My sister and my bedroom were right outside the kitchen.


Family of origin
Role in family
As the third among six siblings, there were no clearly defined roles and duties in the household. Nonetheless, being a female child, it was expected that I would carry out most duties around home. Lack of clear guidelines and rules on specific roles meant that at times, I would do duties that were not assigned. My role in the family was also tied to the family’s religious observance, where I can clearly remember being told to continue with rigorous religious observance. In the traditional sense, my role did not only extend beyond marinating the homestead, but my parents also instilled in me a work ethic, where I had to work hard in all my endeavors. Overall, the roles were divided depending on age, where the older ones were assigned more tasks and I had to take care of my younger siblings. My role in the family has instilled a strong work ethics and I always seek to fulfill my duties and responsibilities competently.
Family rules, boundaries, norms, mood and expectations
Because of the religious and strict upbringing, expectations, norms, and moods were based on religious teachings and family ties. First of all, all people in the house were expected to attend Church regularly and participate in Church activities. Furthermore, as a female member of the family, it was expected that there would be a reasonable level of decency including the choice of clothes worn and manner of sitting. Nonetheless, my father drunk a lot and he played a less prominent role in our lives unlike our mother who was a strict disciplinarian. It is my mother’s religious upbringing that influenced family life, to the extent that only socially acceptable behavior would be tolerated at all times. However, the strictness and rigidity of the place dampened my spirits as I longed to go out and live a free spirited life with few rules and regulations. My family expectations were that I would be self- reliant but also close to my family members, and with the value of hard work instilled in me, I have not disappointed as I work to achieve my goals.
Ethnicity, religion, and moral beliefs
My African American family was religious and used the Bible to inform decisions on day to day life. Choices made had to be reviewed depending on whether they were moral, based on Christian beliefs and ideals. At the same time, the African American community had few opportunities to earn decent wages, but the family believed that all of us would have better living standards through hard work and perseverance. My maternal grandfather was a pastor in the Southern Church of God, and we attended Church service on Sundays from 9 AM to 9 PM. It was only natural that my mother, being the oldest child among her siblings would follow religious teaching strictly. Church attendance also sought to bring the family together as were many other African American families at the time. Church attendance was str...
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