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Middle Childhood LAB Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


This is for my early childhood education class. First year student. Please make it as simply written as possible. Thanks


Middle Childhood LAB Assignment
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Middle Childhood LAB Assignment
Middle childhood comes with many changes in children’s lives. At this stage, the children are able to do some things for themselves, such as dressing, tying their shoes, and holding playing balls. They also start schooling, thus making new friends CITATION Tom13 \l 1033 (Tomonary, 2013). At this level, their physical, mental, and social abilities grow very fast, and they start developing confidence in different areas of their life. They start paying more attention to their friends and teamwork; they also develop the need to belong, and being accepted by friends CITATION Ang16 \l 1033 (Morelli & Dombec, 2016). During middle childhood, the physical development of a child is more elusive and continuous as compared to early childhood since school-age children grow, thus showing advances in advances in excellent development and coordination.
In middle childhood, despite slower growth rate children gradually increases height and weight in their day to day lives. They grow two to three inches and gain about five to eight pounds per year; thus, the average weight of a ten years child is around seventy pounds. However, genes and nutrition greatly influence children’s physical growth and development CITATION Joh13 \l 1033 (Bonvillian, Novack, & Orlansky , 2013). For example, African Americans grow taller and faster as compared to white children of the same age. An African American girl who is six years always has greater bone mass and muscles. Children who get into their middle age with diminutive growth and nutritional deficits often not catch up, thus growing slowly CITATION Tom13 \l 1033 (Tomonary, 2013). Additionally, if malnourished children remain in the same environment, their conditions always worsen.
Motor developments in children gradually advance throughout their childhood, and their motor skills predict their motor abilities since their birth to the age of four. These skills are influenced by their brain and maturation development. During the middle childhood motor skills gets refined and combined into more complex abilities. The skills enable them to carry out some activities such as running, turning and hopping, twisting, walking heel to toe down and creating jump ropes CITATION Ang16 \l 1033 (Morelli & Dombec, 2016). The increase in their body sizes and strength help them in advancing their motor skills, which give them flexibility, agility, and balance. Middle age children also advance their motor control, which allows them to develop new interests such as building different car mo

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