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Importance Of Research In Clinical Rehabilitation Counselling (Research Paper Sample)


This week you were refreshed on Assessment and Testing, along with Evaluation. I want you to think about, and answer the following question for this week's discussion:
Why is it important for counselors to understand not just whether findings of a study have statistical significance, but why it has practical significance as well? Explain the difference between statistical and practical significance in your post.


Statistical and Practical Significance in Clinical Rehabilitation Counselling


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Importance of Research in Clinical Rehabilitation Counselling

Clinical rehabilitation counseling plays a great role in helping people with cognitive, developmental, emotional, psychiatric, and physical disabilities realize and achieve their full potential. Through the use of counseling technology, support, and advocacy, rehabilitation counseling helps do away with environmental and attitudinal barriers. Research is of great importance in all medical fields, clinical rehabilitation included. Statistical significance poses decision-making problems to rehabilitation counselors in that it does not provide the direction or magnitude of an intervention, ut only calls for the rejection or the application of it (Page, 2014). A study that has statistical significance may not have practicality. Clinical relevance claimed in small studies may lack the statistical power to support it. It is therefore essential for a rehabilitation counselor to consider the practical significance of a study abo

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