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Immigration Of Individuals From All Parts Of The Globe (Research Paper Sample)


Choose a cultural, resource, economic, environmental, political or social issues that exist in the world today, and a country that is experiencing it. Then analyze the relationship between both using research from outside sources. Finally, think of a possible solution to this issue.


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The globe has progressively grown to be interconnected in the last few decades considering the vast revolution of technology that has influenced the smooth communications and conveyance of individuals from all parts of the globe. The movement of people from one part to another has been ever since the pre-colonial periods. Individuals relocate to other regions in search of comfort, security, education, and even revenue generation. The past decades have seen a vast immigration rate that has tended to counterpart with the economic conditions, that is, the rate of immigration is developing when the local economic conditions are resilient enough to accommodate the influx of new individuals and it drops when it is weaker. The current statistics as illustrated by (Fuller, 2014), depict that, more than 210million persons in the world inhabit outside their native origins, this number has amplified by an additional 40% in the past period as illustrated by the UN. Immigrants now encompass an approximate 30% proportion of the globe's populace which is a 2.9% increase from statistics taken in 1990.
Immigration in America.
The country that is mainly affected by immigration is America, which hosts an approximate of 50million legal and illegal immigrants from other nations. (Hipsman and Meissner, 2017) demonstrate that although immigration can be retrieved from American past, large-scale migration mainly transpired during the 19th and 20th centuries. The peak periods of immigration rate in America corresponded with significant transformations of the American economy. The initial periods of immigration in America saw the emergence of European migration in American soil, the second period allowed the settlement of the young individuals to changeover from an expatriate economy to an agronomic economy. The manufacturing evolution impacted the rise of an industrial economy during the third ultimate era and thus led the nation to gain global power (Hipsman and Meissner ET al2017). The contemporary immigration related to the globalization and transformation of being a manufacturing economy to being a knowledge-based economy. The“National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2017)” illustrates that immigration does not only affect the environment in which the individuals inhabit, but also interacts with the political, and socioeconomic policies of the region which affects the job rate of the area, healthcare and the economic policies of the region. Most scholars have argued that immigrants have significantly influenced the progression of the nation's economy since they become part of the nation's taxpayers, entrepreneurs, employment creators, and clients.
The economic theory offers an insight into the approaches where immigration in America impacts wages and employment. Intensify

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