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Human factor challenges in air traffic control and possible solutions (Research Paper Sample)


Assess the possible human factor issue for air traffic controller, and find information on how air traffic controller avoid human factor errors. 
Write a 5 pages paper in APA format.
Use proquest if possible. provide a useable link in the reference page.


Human Factors in Air Traffic Control
At the very basic level, every human being is affected by factors that could be considered to be externally outside them and those that are considered internal. This can be mostly summarized to show that human beings are largely aware of themselves and that which they interact with every moment they are awake within their environment and it forms part of their experience (Mogford, Krois&Allendoerfer, 1999). In the aviation industry, one of the main pillars is the human aspect in labor and this has been an integral part of the industry since the Second World War. Most of the research that exists relative to the aviation industry and in reference to human labor is largely focused on the pilots and the role that they play in safety. In one of the major sections of an airline operation, is the Air Traffic Control (Schóber, Lippay&Necas, 2013). The human factors have been found to play a great role in the safety of the airlines and their operations. Any increase in the number of air crafts means a higher workload for the Air Traffic Controllers.Sometimes, due to the element of the human errors, the operations are jeopardized. However there are also ways that the Air Traffic Controllers can control their operations relative to human factors.
Human factors affecting Air Traffic controllers
This is one of the most basic aspects in the human element relative to their ability to receive and internalize the training information that they receive. Where the staffs receive shallow training on the various aspects of their operations, they may not take it with the seriousness that it deserves (Mogford, Krois&Allendoerfer, 1999). This will mean that most of the staffs will not take their work seriously relative to the attitude they have developed right from their training. Understanding the seriousness of their operation during the training sessions and getting into detailed approaches that are generally accepted, will enhance their skills and more importantly their awareness. Unlike the pilots, the Air Traffic Controllers are in charge of more than one plane at any given time; this means that the pressure to ensure the, safety of the passengers, planes and the reputation of the company along with their own along with a string of other factors.
Work environment
The working environment is one of the basic aspects of interactions that every ATC will have to come across as they proceed with their operations. Aspects such as the physical arrangement of the displays, chairs types, placement of the computers and other radar equipment, the working culture and the general attitude at the work place are a common set of issues that influence the human aspects of the ATC. Working with a computer that is constantly developing technical problems in a station can be a debilitating concern and one that would easily affect the work output(Schóber, Lippay&Necas, 2013). This also goes to the arrangement, for ease of access and the productivity levels of the rest of the equipment at the station. While it may seem obvious, the working culture at the station and the general attitude can easily affect an ATC, with high professional skills to perform dismally. Elements such as the design of the control rooms, with reference to facilities such as lighting can affect that ability to perform optimally. Elements such as noise regeneration within a center can like the lighting increase the level of discomfort and therefore affect the output levels and quality of deliverables. Aspects related to ergonomics are also crucial relative to the fact that, ATC are largely under pressure at all times and they need to be confortable in their sitting positions and the basic arrangement of the room, with ease of access to all the ele...
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