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Nexus of Homeland Security & Terrorism Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You will examine the nexus between terrorism and homeland security. You will analyze the use of all phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery and the subcomponents found in each phase) as much as is applicable as each relates directly to terrorism. Mitigation as it relates to terrorism will be examined and will include risk assessment as well as mitigation strategies both structural and non-structural. Hint – mitigation of terrorism can and should be at many levels and in many ways, such as strategically and globally as well as tactically and locally and across a myriad of disciplines. Prevention will also be addressed, and, again, holistically. Preparedness will be addressed, and remember, there are many disciplines that represent the first responder community as well as the larger homeland security community. Response and recovery will be addressed and, once again, there are many groups involved in both phases.
Assignment Specifics:
• Minimum of 7 full pages, not counting title and reference pages
• Research-oriented paper in current APA format
• At least 6 sources


The Nexus of Homeland Security and Terrorism Author’s NameInstitutional AffiliationTable of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc24965302 \h 31.1Terrorism PAGEREF _Toc24965303 \h 31.1.1Terrorist Group: Boko Haram PAGEREF _Toc24965304 \h 31.2Homeland Security PAGEREF _Toc24965305 \h 63.Emergency Management and phases of emergency management PAGEREF _Toc24965306 \h 73.1Mitigation PAGEREF _Toc24965307 \h 73.1.1Risk Assessment PAGEREF _Toc24965308 \h 93.1.2Mitigation Strategies PAGEREF _Toc24965309 \h 93.2Preparedness PAGEREF _Toc24965310 \h 103.2.1First responder community PAGEREF _Toc24965311 \h 103.2.2Homeland security community PAGEREF _Toc24965312 \h 103.3Response PAGEREF _Toc24965313 \h 103.4Recovery PAGEREF _Toc24965314 \h 114.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc24965315 \h 115.References PAGEREF _Toc24965316 \h 12
The Nexus of Homeland Security and Terrorism
1 Introduction
Even though there is no globally approved definition of terrorism, the term can largely be viewed as a proves of oppression and intimidation which uses violence to threaten people, groups, societies or state to spread panic for the achievement of ideological and political objectives (Sandler, 2014). Terrorism in the modern context has a legal definition which does not consider it as typical violence but exemplary ‘terrorist triangle’. Terrorism in present-day encompasses violence particularly against vulnerable civilians, military services and government officials.

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