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Galapagos Islands (Research Paper Sample)


Galapagos Islands this is the link of the website This paper differs from a traditional term paper in that it includes your opinions, viewpoints, feelings, and the evidence that supports them. The main reason for this activity is to understand the environmental issues better by researching all sides of the issue thoroughly. Based in the Galapagos Islands movie which we will see it in the class, write a paper based on the guidelines outlined below. It is a 3-page minimum for the paper (double space, 12 Font size). The paper can be submitted electronically into the blackboard. ntroduction: The importance of Galapagos Islands and their roles in the development of the biological evolution Discuss the relationships between living organisms and their surrounding environments. Discuss the human impacts and how can we protect such amazing area and preserve the unique wildlife


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Galapagos Island
Galapagos Islands are a part that is isolated from other islands in the pacific ocean about 650 miles of the coast from Ecuador South America. The Galapagos Island are totally isolated from any other island or the mainland, due to this fact the islands are a home to many species of both plants and animals that are rare in any other part of the world. Among some of the Galapagos unique species is the Galapagos tortoise which is the largest existent reptile and has outlived any other animal known to man. The tortoise is currently at 170 years and lives in a zoo in Australia. Other unique animals include the Galapagos penguin, the marine iguana, the Darwin finches and the flightless cormorant. There exists unique forms of plants in the island including threaten species of daisy-like plants and different forms of cacti.
It's in Galapagos that Darwin provided a starting to the theory of natural selection; Darwin made sense that natural processes made more since when he saw the different species in different islands. The other importance of the Galapagos is that the islands are volcanic and this has led to new islands which create new Galapagos Island (Whittaker & Fernández-Palacios, 2007). The other is that there are two major ocean currents that affect the climate of the Galapagos; these currents are Humboldt Current that comes from Antarctica and the deep water current from the west. These currents bring with them nutrients that feed the food chain and the western waters of the island are richer in marine life.
Some of the roles of Galapagos in the development of biological evolution are that some of the rare species found in the island played a great role in Darwin's formulation of the natural selection theory. Some of the species in the island includes the amazing animals and the plants; th...
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