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The U.S. Foreign Policy towards Hezbollah. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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The U.S. Foreign Policy towards Hezbollah
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The U.S. Foreign Policy towards Hezbollah
The Lebanese Hezbollah was founded over thirty years ago, in the early 1980s, and is one of the most powerful and considered dangerous rebel or terrorist groups in the Middle East. However, the Syrian civil war has transformed the group through undermining its position in Lebanon, therefore, altering its objectives within the region by tarnishing its name within the Middle East. Importantly, the group remains a major threat to the United States and Israel in particular. Apparently, Hezbollah is considered as having less interest in directly clashing with the United States. Despite the group’s close ties with Iran and the ever-increasing ideological opposition towards the U.S. role in the Middle East are factors worthy of consideration. Further, the group supports various local terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria as well as Palestine all of which provide direct opposition towards the U.S. interests within the Middle East. The Lebanese Hezbollah have thrived and survived numerous challenges from its authority and the very existence. The challenges have made Hezbollah rise as one of the strongest political and military organization within Lebanon. Hezbollah is known as a terrorist group but also does several other duties. These duties include being a social welfare agency, a quasi-state military, a part of the Lebanese government and also a political party (Ash, 2010).

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