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The Current Political Relation Between China And US (Research Paper Sample)


This research paper is for my Comparative government Class. This research paper is about current political relation between China and U.S.( It does not need to be so in depth, but the connections between sources and the research paper need to be well explained.) The 4 sources need to be recent years(within range of 10 years will be ok). The topic could be anything related with China and U.S, as long as it is a political controversial one. An idea of mine is to pointing out the fear of U.S -- China will replace its place and power, however It still needs China's economy. I would like it to have a pro-China point of view, write in favor of china


The current political relation between China and US
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Within decades after the establishment of The People's Republic of China, the nation has significantly grown to command attention and significant national interests worldwide. Over the years, China has evolved from being a developing nation to an increasingly developed and influential power. The rise of China is considered as a new historical development in the Western countries. However, at home, it is seen as landmark to ending the ‘Century of Humiliation.' In the history of the Chinese civilization, the citizens see the period of foreign domination which lasted between 1839 and 1949 as a shameful period in their history. As a result, China has worked over the years to restore its importance and international status. Over the decades, China has re-emerged to be a respected political and economic power. Its rise has defined the country as a threat to the US's superpower status. As a consequence, the growth of China both economically and politically has increased the tension between the U.S and China.
Over the years, China's rise has increased friction between the country and the U.S. The increased fears have resulted from the present differences between China and U.S's political and economic models (Gill & Small, 2014). The US is worried about China's political modernization. As a result, the American's are getting concerned about the rise, whereas the Chinese see the North American continent as a ‘two-faced' nation keen to retain its global dominance by preventing other countries like China from challenging it. These mutual perceptions arising from diverging interest between the countries have increased the tensions between the states.
Furthermore, the rise of China has led to the increased interdependence between China and the US. Additionally; it has led to increased cooperation in global issues like climate change. Due to its current status, China seems to embrace its new ‘superpower' status (Morrison, 2011). Therefore, it has become more concerned about protecting its security and national interests which is likely to increase tension between the two nations. China has difficulties accepting the current status quo in the Asian region. As a consequence, it has developed strategies to review the regional order controlled by the US. The Chinese President has indicated that the people of Asia should be allowed to run their affairs, solve their problems, and uphold the security of their region (Gill & Small, 2014). These efforts by China to defend its national security and interest to ensure the security of the region could lead to a security dilemma as one's efforts to defend its interests could undermine the status quo and generate potential conflicts.
The Chinese economic growth has been at the center of the confrontations between the US and China. The economic rise has drastically changed the Asian and the global economic balance. As a result, the US has had to develop somewhat ambiguous responses to the developments. Apart from offering economic benefits to the North American nation in regards to exports and economic growth, China appears as a potential threat for political and economic reasons which stir up fears of protectionism (Nathan & Scobell, 2012). Most of the Americans have concerns regarding their debt held in China and the impact of the country on the job market in the US. The rivalry between the countries arises due to a variety of factors. In this regard, replacing the U.S as the first economic power worldwide and the first trading partner in the Asian continent is of least concern. The issue of primary concern is the share of trade between the two countries. For instance, between 2000 an...

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