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Cultural Immersion project Part 2. Social Sciences. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Accommodations for completing Part II of the Immersion Project – due to current COVID-19 situation.
Since you cannot attend the two required large group events (because of new CDC regulations), you can do the following:
Watch two videos (one can be a movie), or two recorded events (at least 1 hour long each) about the culture you chose to study AND have a 1-hour discussion with two different persons from that culture about each of the videos (one person per video, one hour discussion per video). The discussion can be in person or virtual (via Webex, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, etc.), but not by phone. You can write your paper about the two videos you watched, following the requirements in the assignment.
With any activity, it is important that you interact with members of the cultural group to develop an understanding of the event and the motivations of individuals in participating in them. Consider some of these factors:
• What are the purposes of the activity/event?
• What are the cultural underpinnings?
• What are the associated religious beliefs or values?
• What are the social beliefs or values?
• What are the political beliefs or values?
• What are the economic beliefs or values?
You will answer the questions listed below. First person may be used in your answers, and you must observe correct and current APA style. The paper must have a correct title page, and you must use a reference page (no abstract is needed). A word estimate is beside each question; however, the quality of your answer is more important than the word count. You may expand further, but you do not have to do so. It is recommended that you use the following questions as level 1 headings to organize your paper.
1. What events did you attend? What happened? (approximately 250 words)
2. How did your experience of actual cultural events compare with the expectations you had developed from the readings and Internet/media explorations you did in Cultural Immersion Project – Part 1? (approximately 250 words)
3. How did participation in these immersion events impact you emotionally? In other words, what was it like to be a minority in this group? (approximately 250 words)
4. As you consider your own cultural background, why do you think you responded the way you did? (approximately 250 words)
5. What are some key things that you have learned about this culture through these events? (approximately 250 words)
6. Discuss counseling theories and techniques that have been empirically validated as effective with this group. You can use the McGoldrick et al. text for this section, and peer reviewed articles. Use a minimum of three resources. (approximately 250 words).
• Student identifies three theoretical approaches (i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Person-Centered, etc.) that have been empirically validated as effective with the selected group (for any credit student must cite a peer reviewed journal supporting the use of the theory given).
• Student identifies three counseling techniques (miracle question, reflective listening, thought-stopping techniques, mindfulness, etc.) that have been empirically validated as effective with the selected group (for any credit student must cite a peer reviewed journal supporting the use of the technique given).
• Student describes how characteristics noted above relate to counseling with this group, including resilience building and eliminating obstacles and illuminating opportunities.


Cultural Immersion Project Part 2
Institutional Affiliate
Cultural Immersion Project Part 2
Scholarly articles, movies or films, and documentaries alike make for some of the platforms that play a significant role in promoting cultural immersion, which functions to promote cultural diversity around the world. The analysis of the scholarly articles on Colombian culture in part 1 of the cultural immersion project, for instance, provided an overview of some of the country's cultural elements across the social, political, and economic domains. Findings from the scholarly articles reviewed include the fact that the Colombian culture is mainly patriarchal and deems women as second rate citizens reserved for domesticity and companionship for their male counterparts. -the second part of the project, herein provided, seeks to validate the findings of part 1 and provide theoretical elaborations for the same based on the different perceptions following the evaluation and deductions from recent events I attended.
Events Attended.
The second part of the cultural immersion project required my participation in events highlighting the characteristic features or elements of the Colombian culture for an informed understanding of the same. The cultural immersion events involved watching two videos or films showcasing different Colombian cultural attributes and engaging in a detailed discussion of both videos with other individuals through virtual online platforms. One of the movies that I chose to watch was Zoe Saldana’s Colombiana, which highlights some of the scary stereotypical perceptions of the Colombian culture. 

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