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Geographic location of the Bushmen (Research Paper Sample)


Cultural Anthropology: Ethnography I have attached two documents that tells what the assignment is all about and the rubrics.


Cultural Anthropology: Online Ethnography



Increasingly the internet is a place where indigenous peoples can tell the world more about who they are and the issues they face. I want you to select one of the groups of people below to explore, using five internet sources. There are three parts to this assignment.

Part One: The first part of the essay will be a traditional essay (complete with citations) in which you will cover:

1. The geographic location
2. Population of the group
3. Social structure
4. Economy
5. Language group/ethnic status
6. Religion
7. The primary issues and difficulties that the group faces today.

Part Two: You will review each of the websites you have used with a small paragraph.  This means five small paragraphs in total. I want you to cover what information it contained, who was it written by, who is the audience for this website, and how useful you found it. Please feel free to use podcasts, Youtube videos, or documentary sources. I want you to find TWO sources written by the peoples themselves and tell me the differences between the websites written by the people themselves and about the people. Do proper annotations and be specific about the sites you used.

Part Three: In a final paragraph tell me if you think the internet is a good thing or a bad thing for indigenous peoples and why you have come to this conclusion.

This total word count of this project must be at least 2000 words and will have five websites as your sources. DO NOT use Wikipedia, Encarta or any other online encyclopedia for this project, or websites for tourists or commercial enterprises. I will take off points for this!! Use MLA referencing for your citations. Your paper MUST be cited properly!

Some examples of peoples from which to choose are listed here:
Romani (Gypsies) 
Saami (Lapps)
Ainu (Japan)
Bushmen/San Maasai

The Bushmen
Geographic location of the Bushmen
The Bushmen, or the commonly known as the “san”, are the ancient occupants of South Africa. For more than 2000 years, the Bushmen have inhabited the area around the Kalahari Desert (Eliot 1). Currently, the group occupies the region around South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola. The people are said to be the oldest not only in Africa but also in the world. Archaeological evidence explains that remains of rock paintings and other traces of the early culture of the Bushmen have been mainly found in South Africa (Eliot 1).
To date, a portion of the Bushmen still inhabit South Africa, with their culture being the oldest existing culture in the world. The historical culture of the Bushmen elaborate that the pastoralist group, referred to as the Khoikhoi, started moving southwards towards the cape, the modern-day Cape of Good Hope. This led to the intermarriage between the Khoikhoi and San thus a distinction of the two groups became rather difficult since then (Eliot 1).
Population of the group
The bushmen is a small group comprising of approximately 40, 000 people. It comprises of one bigger group and four smaller groups. Majority of them includes the! Kung and occupy the Kavango in northeastern and eastern Namibia, as well as in Western Botswana ( 1). The smaller group comprising of the Heikom populated the east while the Khoe, or the river Bushmen, occupied the eastern side of Kavango, Botswana, and western Caprivi ( 1). On the other side, the Naro group populate the Grootfontein region and Botswana, while the smallest group, the /AuniIt, occupies southern Nossob district ( 1).
It is believed that the Bushmen are the aboriginal descendants of all the people in the world today, including Europeans, Asians, Black Americans, Australians, among others. The original Southern Kalahari group of the Bushmen was thought to comprise of 50 adults of a common ethnic origin, the Khomani ( 1). However, over 600 people are now alleged to have been the original occupants of the land. Currently, the population of the Bushmen is believed to total up to 90, 000 people. This population is distributed as follows: Botswana- 55, 000; Namibia- 27, 000; South Africa- 10, 000; and Angola; <5, 000 ( 1).
The social structure of the Bushmen
The Bushmen have a social structure that is among the most non-tribal in the world. The group does not have a paramount lead and thus have an impartially relaxed kinship bonds. The group comprises of a loosely held kinfolk culture with critical decisions being made via social discussions and agreements and a common consensus being sought (Bushman People 1). During discussions on social matters, the opinion of a particular individual is weighted based on skill and expertise in the area of discussion. In this group, members of the...
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