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Impact of corporal punishment on aggressive behaviors (Research Paper Sample)


The issue is prevalent, affecting many families from various backgrounds in the USA.
Parents hold controversial beliefs about the effectiveness of corporal punishment, etc.
There is a shortage of such a study. (The criterion about the shortage of data can be challenging because there is rarely any general topic that has not been researched. If this is the case, you can point out the fact that even though lots of studies have been conducted about the general topic, there is little research about the specific topic you choose. For example, teenage pregnancy is a general topic, but teenage pregnancy around Greater Boston is a narrowed-down topic, which will warrant some investigation. In the case of your study, the diverse population in the Greater Boston area makes it unique from the general population in USA and thus may present a unique scenario, etc.)Your final paper should be about 6 - 9 pages, double space. This does not include the space for charts or tables, so don’t attempt at trying to stretch your paper by over-spacing.


Impacts of Corporal Punishment on Aggressive Behaviors
Corporal punishment remains a contested topic when it comes to understanding the need to limit aggressiveness among children. Parents, psychologists, and parenting experts have been indulged in the debate about the value and validity of corporal punishment to mitigate aggressive behaviors among children. The debate is rooted in the fact that there is a little difference between corporal punishment and physical abuse of the children. While state laws vary on the legality of corporal punishment, the federal government legalizes acts such as hitting with objects, twisting, pulling, pinching, lapping, and spanking as avenues of mitigating corporal punishment. With little literature concerning the subject established, people are left to speculate on the value of corporal punishment. Superficially, however, corporal punishment is closely related to child abuse, could worsen cognitive development of a child, and is believed to worsen the behaviors, aspects that could refute the possibilities of eliminating aggressive behaviors among children through such an approach.

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