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Confucianism In The Modern World: Religion (Research Paper Sample)


Guideline for the Paper Assignment
For the paper assignment, you have an option to select ONE topic that you like to write your paper among the four of them listed on Canvas: “Confucianism in the Modern World,” “Two Approaches to Human Nature by Mencius and Xunzi,” “The Concept of the Dao in the Ancient Chinese Philosophy” and “The Concept of Li in the Confucian Tradition.” Each topic has four research articles that you will use while writing your paper. It would be the best of your interest to first read through these articles to make sure that you are interested in writing your paper on that particular topic. All of the articles listed for this paper assignment has its own arguments and distinct approaches to what they are written on. In your paper, (1) you need to identify the arguments of all four articles. (2) You need to compare and contrast to the arguments of the articles. If there are disagreements between two authors, you need to say it and explain the points of their disagreements. Finally, (3) you need to assess the arguments of each article. In this part, you can provide textual or rational evidence. This will be the part that I need to see your voice which means what is your thought on this topic after reading different views of scholars.
You also need to pay attention to writing your paper in an essay format, which means you need to have a thesis statement in the first paragraph. The main idea of the paper is clearly stated in the first paragraph. Avoid summarizing each article one by one. In your paper, I should see that you and the other four articles are having a conversation about the topic at hand.
Use in-text citation when you either directly quote or paraphrase from any of the research articles or outside sources if it is applicable. Exp: (Last Name of the Author, page number, such as Puett, p. 34).
The software ‘turnitin' which automatically detects plagiarism is on for this paper assessment. If you have any concern about avoiding plagiarism, you can ask for help from the Writing Center of University of Iowa or come to see me.
Your paper should not be shorter than a double-spaced four pages with 12 font and not be longer than six pages.
4 source optional one on the line


Confucianism in the Modern World


Institutional Affiliation

Confucianism in the Modern World


Confucianism can be described as an ideology that focuses on human-centered religiousness and reverence to ancestors. The idea of Confucianism originated from the behavior and livelihood of Confucius, who lived around the 5th Century BCE. The religion is commonly practiced by the Chinese community, who adhere to the social code and values practiced by Confucius. Although Confucianism might have some similarities with other widespread religions such as Christianity and Islam, the religion remains unorganized. The occurrence of globalization has profoundly influenced the spread of culture among different countries. China has made efforts to educate its people in order to adapt to the fast-growing economy. The most important life lesson for Confucius was to avoid practices that might negatively affect other individuals. Although the ideology of Confucianism was developed many centuries ago, some values and codes are applicable in modern society. The religion

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