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Option #1: Conduct an Informational Interview Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Option #1: Conduct an Informational Interview
This week you will conduct an informational interview using the plan you created last week. This is your field research for the final Portfolio research project Option #1. This interview will help you assess how your chosen issue or topic is dealt with in practice.
1.Select an agency that works with the issue or topic you identified in Week 2.
2.Conduct the interview with a supervisor or manager (again, using the plan you created last week). Remember that the interview can be conducted in person, by telephone, or by Skype (or another Internet-based application).
3.Present the results of your informational interview. What did you learn about the agency? How will this contribute to your project? What themes surfaced from your analysis of the interview? How might these inform your final research project paper, or how have these themes changed your thinking about the human services field?
Your well-written plan should be two to three pages in length and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Informational Interview on the Working of NCADV
Violence against women in the United States has been on a worrying trend, and the agencies that fight to protect them are facing immense challenges. One agency, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is on the forefront of helping women across the country avert these problems and restructure their lives. This study presents the findings of an interview with Melanie Sloan, the C.E.O. of NCADV, on how the organization works to protect women across the nation.
Its Foundation and Purposes
According to Sloan, the situation surrounding domestic violence in the United States has changed a little, but still the agency faces many problems when addressing the issue. Senator Joe Biden sponsored the Violence Against Women Act in the Senate in 1994, which recognized violence against women as a crime (Johnson, 2014). However, the fight to establish fully this law faces setbacks especially with the societal view of violence against women as a family affair whose solution depends on the couple. NCADV explains domestic violence as abusive behaviors that affect a partner emotionally and physically.
The NCADV leader explains that the organization acts as a voice for the women in violent and abusive relationships and exists to protect them with their children. The agency caters for the hospital expenses needed in treating and performing cosmetics and reconstructive surgery on victims of violence, and provides financial support to victims to reconstruct their lives to prevent them from returning to abusive relationships ( The organization ran community-policing programs for many years in order to rehabilitate the abuse...
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