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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Important Concepts (Research Paper Sample)


Please do the paper on cognitive behavioral therapy!! This is for a graduate school MSW course
This assignment requires you to (1) select and research an intervention therapy utilized in social work practice (It can NOT be one of the interventions featured in class, e.g., Motivational Interviewing, Case Management, or Solution-Focused Therapy) and (2) write a 4-6 page* paper (*not including cover page/references) that presents information in the following five content areas:
1) Intervention Overview.
a) When was the intervention developed? By whom?
b) Describe any contextual factors that preempted its development
c) Describe the theory(ies) on which your intervention is based (how does it relate to understanding and treating an underlying problem?).
2) Intervention Strategies.
a) Identify and define important concepts, principles, and/or value tenants
b) What are the steps and/or specific strategies associated with the intervention?
c) Is this intervention considered “evidence-based”? Explain
3) Client Fit.
a) What specific type (s) of problems is the intervention useful for addressing?
b) What client groups does it work well with?
c) What client groups does it NOT work well with? Explain.
4) Cultural Competence.
a) Is this intervention applicable to diverse groups such as LGBTQ persons, First Nations peoples and/or Hispanics? Explain
b) Identify specific ways to tailor the intervention to make it more culturally sensitive.
5) Summary.
a) Discuss the overall strengths and limitations of the intervention
b) Summarize professional gains in researching this particular intervention.
• Cite at least 10 references from professional literature THROUGHOUT the paper (NOT INCLUDING course textbooks!)
o Does the paper use APA 6th edition citation and referencing frameworks?
o Are the references from professional literature (do NOT use websites, encyclopedias select/popular magazines for your references)?
o Does the paper include at least 10 references?
o Are references used throughout the different sections of the paper?
o Are the references included relevant to the content of the paper?


Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) was introduced by Dr. Aaron T. Becks while he was a psychiatrist at Pennsylvanian University. The discovery took place in the 1960s. According to Becks the thoughts and feelings of a human being shape reality. Changing the negative thoughts that one has is likely to change the experience that one has. Some of the techniques used in CBT include mindfulness, meditation, talk therapy and a few more. All those techniques make sure that the client is aware of the reality surrounding them.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy has been used in the care of persons with serious mental illnesses. It mostly focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions and the overall behavior of a person. It is an approach that aims at making sure that the distress in the patient's thoughts is done away with. Additionally, the approach helps patients to get more flexible perceptions and behaviors (Tovote et al., 2015). The approach creates an environment of collaborative empiricism. In collaborative empiricism, they create a collaborative therapeutic friendship that enables the therapist and the clients to come together with the aim of achieving a common goal. With a good relationship, it is easy to identify the problem and also come up with long-lasting solutions.
Being a problem-oriented approach the emphasis is on the present happenings. This tends to differ with other interventions which focus on the past life of that particular individual. The goals set during the session are smart and be achieved within the set time. It is, therefore, a structured and time-limited approach with a minimal of 5 sessions and a maximum of 20. However, some patients may require a lengthy treatment period depending on the issues they are having. It is essential to use an approach like Cognitive Behavior Therapy because it does not focus on the past which brings back bad memories.
Important Concepts
One important concept used in Cognitive Behavior Therapy is known as the guided discovery. The concept mostly focuses on trying to understand the patients view on a number of issues. Further, it helps them discover the underlying assumptions and how to get solutions for themselves (Hayes, 2016). The questions asked during the sessions, allows the therapist to arrive at a conclusion before even the patient can realize it. The questions are able to draw the attention of the client from something out of the issues they have been thinking about currently. At the end of the session, the therapist is able to get answers as to why the patient thinks in a particular way, why they have such strong beliefs on various issues and many others.
In behavior techniques, activity scheduling plays a vital role in making sure that the activities of the day are well organized. The graded task assignment, on the other hand, creates steps which are manageable and will help the client to avoid situations which provoke anxiety. The two techniques involve changing the activities of the clients and looking for others which will bring more enjoyment to the patients at all times (Harvey et al., 2014). Most mental patients are in isolation and that the first thing that the therapist eliminate. The planned activities make sure that the patient is not alone at any time.
In behavior techniques, progressive relaxation and breathing exercises are incorporated. They help reduce the high levels autonomic arousal which is directly related to anxiety. Additionally, the technique has been used in the management of panic and other symptoms which are related to anxiety disorders. Most of the patients who have gone through the treatment know that it is a success. It is an approach that assists most mentally ill persons...

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