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Captain America: Civil War Research Assginment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Students will analyze the piece, explain the cultural relationships within the piece and explain how that piece impacted their lives and the lives of others.
5 (FIVE) sources in APA formatting are required. No Wikipedia allowed.
Correct grammar, syntax & punctuation is required.


Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War
The fictional character of Captain America is about a patriotic World War 2 American soldier known as Steve Rogers acted by Chris Evans with super strength, speed, agility, intelligence, resilience, and endurance. Steve had been born during the Great Depression and years later, his father died while he was just a teen. He tried to join the army but was rejected due to his illness and infirmity. He thus volunteers to an operation known as Rebirth. This exposed him to vita rays that activated chemicals in him and altered his frail physiology into maximum human efficiency and great reflexes. He made friends with Bucky at the camp who learnt his secret and agreed to keep it if Steve made him his sidekick. They embarked on a mission to defuse a drone plane bomb but it unfortunately went off. Steve was hurled into freezing Arctic water, and he entered an abeyant state and later into ice. Years later, he was rescued by a group of superheroes called the Avengers (Marvel, 2016)). This paper describes Captain America Civil War and explains the cultural relationships within it and its impact on lives.
The Captain America Civil War premiered last year as a captivating brewing blockbuster as the third of this Marvel sequel. Steve is considered rogue for disagreeing with the newly enacted legislation, that is, The Sokovian Accords. Hereby, he finds himself conflicting with the SHIELD Agency and other heroes such as Iron Man-Tony Stark (Fisherra, 2016). His past experiences with governmental agencies had made him lose faith in such statutes. Thus, the Inhabitants of Marvel Universe have to pick sides between these two ideologies. Rogers’ new Avengers plan a mission that leads to several civilian casualties. This indifference escalates into a war when Steve’s old nemesis now a brainwashed assassin, Barnes, is involved. Tony and Steve had been friends, and this civil war had drifted them apart due to their ideologies. Steve wanted the superheroes to have freedom and not be ruled by the government, but Stark was in support with the new Statute mostly because of guilt due to the mission that had lead to collateral damage. In the end, they reunite for the common good to fight evil and save the world despite their differences (Marvel, 2016).
The movie revolves around the relationship between Steve and his Indiana -born old friend Bucky Barnes. The two were close growing up and had a very strong bond between them. Bucky’s family had taken Steve in as their own and Bucky here was the only thing left from his past. This ...
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