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Societal Contemporary Problems That Can Be a Subject for Anthropologist's Study (Research Paper Sample)


Case Study Question.

As you reflect on the last U.S. news you watched on TV or newspaper you read, please describe five contemporary societal problems that could be the subject of studies by applied anthropologists. Think about issues and concerns that surround community or state. Identify the problem, concern, or issue and state why an applied anthropologist would be equipped to study it.

Reference: Ferraro, G., & Andreatta, S. (2011). Cultural Anthropology: An applied perspective. CENGAGE Learning.



Cultural Anthropology
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Cultural Anthropology
Societal Contemporary Problems That Can Be a Subject for Anthropologist's Study
There have been various societal present problems that have hit the news headlines over the past few days. Most of them can be a subject for applied anthropologists. These include; domestic violence, climate change, rape, racism and sexual harassment at workplace. Domestic violence is still a major societal issue in the United States to date. The most affected are the indigenous American women. So many women die in the hands of their husbands with 85% of the violence negatively affecting women.
Climate change has been a topic of every day with efforts being reviewed from time to time. Attempts are made to reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases so as to mitigate the effects of global warming that is becoming a threat to human life now and in future. Rape is also another social problem in the United States. Unfortunately, the superpower nati...
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