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Analyzing Gender Messages in Advertisements: Cupac, 2014 (Research Paper Sample)


This assignment might take you some time to finish it. The name of this course is Women's Studies, it's an important assignment which values 25%, so please make sure read requirements very very carefully. I will post requirements and some sources just in case if you needed, also for the resources I'm not sure if the teacher wanted or how many she needed. I really want the high mark, so hope you can treat this assignment carefully, the teacher doesn't say how many pages she wants, I paid 4 pages for this assignment, hope it's enough. thank you so much!


Media and Culture
(Cupac, 2014)
Women have for the longest time been treated sexualized beings("Gender and the Media", 2018). This is relative to the use of adverts that suggest that they are sexual objects. The media is the platform that is quite powerful. It is a platform that is used by advertising companies to create notions about the ideals of the society("Media and Body Culture Module 2, Lecture B", 2018). It is a platform that has been repeatedly used to create stereotypes in the society. Where some of the characteristics are considered good and others are considered to be bad(McKenney, 2011).There are those ads that show women in a certain way, which is considered the ideal body size or the way of behavior or simply the way they should be treated in the society. It is a common element for ads to run images in the newspapers, which feature naked slim bodies as they propose the right size of a woman(Jasper, 2018). This may then be attributed to a food or a product that these women in the adverts use than those in real life need to start using.
In the ads that is run by Burger King, this is a typical illustration of the sexualized nature of the women in the society. This does not even include nude pictures of a woman, but the illustrations and the suggestive language is simply foul. The advert is encouraging the consumers to partake of their burger. For the audience this is an ad that would be deemed ineffective relative to the sexualized nature of women and even the product in question. Advertising a burger as sex object is highly skewed and brings out a rather ineffective way of getting to persuade people to eat a burger.
It is problematic that the burger depicts male genitalia this is rather sexualized. However, what is more is the fact that, at the words that are used in the ad are quite suggestive. For example the use of the words, It Just Tastes Better when combined with the visual cues used in the images, this gives a totally different meaning than the one that is innocently presented(Cupac, 2014). It is an image of a woman taking into her mouth the male genitalia, when combined with the taste, it skews the meaning all together. As if that is not enough suggestive language, at the bottom left corner are the words, Bk Super Seven Incher (Cupac, 2014). This is meant to indicate the size of the burger, when looked at in the context, it depicts the size of the male genitalia, which is the woman is about to put in her mouth.
It is stereotypical that the male genitalia are depicted as tasting better and even larger in size. This is to bring out the element of masculinity. It paints the image of the men being better and comparatively domineering over the women. This is an ideal that has been created in the society, where women are used as sex objects and the men are painted as the taming mechanisms (Cupac, 2014).
The main element of using the uses these details is to create the illusion of how big and tasty the burg

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