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American Social Media Influence (Research Paper Sample)


For your draft, you need to hit the specified minimums for the first draft (if you go beyond this, that is totally fine, but these are here to give Vanessa and myself a substantive amount of material to supply you with the necessary feedback).
Your final paper serves as a culmination of what we’ve been covering throughout this course. It is aimed at pushing you to position yourself as a social scientist, conceptualizing, approaching, and proposing a topic of interest to you.

Minimums for First Draft:
Minimum of 6 full pages of text.
A fully fleshed out Introduction
The foundational aspects of the literature review
Here, work out the possible subsections (pulling heavily from the direction you took in your bibliography project)
Beginnings of a conclusion
Must include the references/bibliography/works cited page!
The full final paper needs to be formatted in the following manner/contain the following requisite support:
Size 12 Times New Roman font
Minimum 12 pages of content (a full 10 pages of content)
1” margins all around
A uniformly applied citation method (both in-text and in the references list)
You can use ASA, APA, MLA, etc.
A minimum of 13 resources
11 of these resources must be from academic peer-reviewed resources
2 of these resources must come from a non-academic (though trustworthy) resource. These are especially useful for your introduction


American Social Media Influence
Institution Affiliation
American Social Media Influence
1.0 Introduction
In the age of technology, it is not a wonder for information and communication capabilities to change drastically; social media is a good example. Currently, more people are embracing the newest ways of sharing connections in society. Social media sites and applications are continually changing the way people interact. For instance, Facebook facilitates social connections, Twitter allows people to share their thoughts, and Instagram uses pictures to bring people with common interests together (Sutherland et al., 2017). Even with the current capabilities of social media sites, the trend is quickly changing. Since the development of mobile technology has shaped the impact of social media in society, the effects are exacerbating with the continuous improvement of smartphones and smart devices. As such, more people can connect at any time whenever a smart device is accessible. Since numerous people are considering the use of social media as essential to their way of life, most people are addicted to their smartphones. Smartphones with increased processing capabilities allow people to visit social media sites more seamlessly (Baruah, 2012). Another problem associated with the increased use of social media is the growing capabilities of government agencies and corporations to collect information without the knowledge of the users for intelligence and commercial purposes, respectively. Far from the controversies, people use social media for various reasons, which includes sharing memories, following celebrities, spectating, looking for information, learning, and work (Sutherland et al., 2017). Social media has become a social issue because most users are under the age of 30, albeit its effects in society are numerous. It is essential to consider the influence which the social media has in society. It is a complicated issue since this communication technology is often seen as having a negative impact, although it has positively changed the lives of many people. This paper critically analyzes the influence of social media in American society and it positive impacts on people’s lives.
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Social Media and Online Addiction
For most people across the world, social media is synonymous with the Internet since most people use the Internet to gain access to social media sites. Guede (2016) notes that the reason is that most resources on the web take the form of social media, including magazines, social bookmarking, rating, video, images or photographs, podcasts, wikis, microblogging, social blogs, weblogs, and Internet forums (Baruah, 2012). Internet users visit frequently such applications and websites that provide such services for communication. Compared to games and using other apps on smartphones and smart devices, Baruah (2012) posits that more people feel connected with other people virtually. Therefore, most people feel that they cannot live without the Internet. Since people feel the need to stay connected, social media has contributed to the growing online addition.
Social media has played a major role in connecting people across the world, irrespective of geographical distance and time. Studies have shown that the youth and young people spend a major percentage to their free time on social media. Social networking sites are considered as the main platforms that bring people together. Communication and different forms of interactions that take place on social networking sites have enabled people to share a wide range of information (Baruah, 2012). Furthermore, easy accessibility as well as increased efficiency when sharing information on social networking sites has played a major role in enhancing t...

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