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Aggression In Schools (Research Paper Sample)


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Aggression in Schools
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Aggression remains a behavior between people from the same species that is aimed at causing harm or pain and is considered an initiator of violence. According to sources, there is an increase of violent acts in schools with the troubled students needing a habilitative service as compared to punishments (Dailey, Frey, & Walker, 2015). It is essential to consider the fact that aggressive behaviors do not develop over a short period, thus its eradication as well would not be undertaken in a short time.
It is critical to note that teachers remain wholly responsible for the developing and modeling of aggressive behaviors among students that occurs either positively or negatively (Dailey, Aggressive students are thus likely to misinterpret the social cues, a factor that would lead o a hostile intent among others particularly during their periods of stress. This occurs since they have weak impulses control that can tolerate frustrations. This paper, therefore, seeks to determine the element of aggression in schools.
Literature Review of Aggression in Schools
Aggression in schools remains one of the inappropriate behaviors that have grave consequences for the students and those within the environment where this vice is practiced. Close to half of a variance within a sociometric and teacher rating in peer rejections is primarily accounted for by aggression (Farrell, Henry, Mays, & Schoeny, 2011). It is also imperative to determine that bullying and violence are also some forms of aggressive behavior that have the capacity to result from the functions of aggressive behavior. These functions are mainly influenced by power and control, self-gratification, the pursuit of attention and escape. The primary purpose of aggressive behavior is to inflict, injure or gain something from an aggressor, a factor that apparently determines the need to find solutions into this vice.
Farrell, Henry, Mays, & Schoeny (2011) give the variable between instrumental and hostile aggression. In his literature, he alleges that the instrumental aggressions are the actions that are aimed at enforcing an extraneous reward rather than the suffering of an individual. An instance of this can be determined by a student who steals football boots from another student's bag. On the other hand, hostile aggression infers to the actions that are committed to producing injurious outcomes through an approach aimed at gaining resources, power and status within a school environment.
Aggressive behaviors range from verbal, nonverbal or physical acts that are aimed at causing a direct or indirect injury to a student with the aggressor seeking to gain from such conduct. A student's body language may also depict an aggressive behavior in a manner that clearly depicts the element of anger, frustration, rage, humiliation among other feelings that warrant their aggressive behaviors (Farrell, An instance where a student shows a verbal behavior is always demonstrated through a body language with intent of hurting other people or in gaining a favor in return. It is crucial to understand that even kicks that may accrue during a play and punches including some sarcastic statement may also be considered as some form of aggressive behavior.
Causes and Antecedents of Aggressive Behaviors in Schools
It is critical to note that research has displayed the fact that some antisocial behaviors that end up in the development of an aggressive behavior result from a developmental trait that appears early in the life of a student and continues all through adolescence and adulthood (Kármen, & Tefan, 2013). Researchers have also found out that the antisocial behaviors mainly develop as a result of a student's interaction with the social environmen...
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