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Theological Traditions: Roman Catholic Vs Baptist Traditions (Research Paper Sample)


1. Don't use the vocabulary too complicated, be simple and clear.
2. The topics and requirements of my thesis are in the information I give.
3. Required to compose a traditional academic research paper on a particular topic concerning Christian theology. The paper will be approximately 8 pages in length and should include at least 7 bibliographic items.


Theological Traditions Paper: Roman Catholic vs. Baptist Traditions


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Theological Traditions Paper: Roman Catholic vs. Baptist Traditions

Christianity as a religion has many denominations within its different religious practices. Christianity is the oldest denomination that began after the crucifixion and the ascension of Jesus to Heaven and ever since, there have emerged new denominations within it. One of the oldest religious denominations within Christianity is the Catholic Church, which is believed to have been founded by St. Peter (Muller, 2011). Roman Catholic is a religion with the highest number of followers in the world and its traditions differ from those of other Christian denominations. This study seeks to compare Catholic traditions with the Baptist traditions with a view to establishing the traditional differences between the two Christianity denominations. The focus on traditional differences between Roman Catholic and Baptist traditions starts by first highlighting the similarities that exist between the two churches, bearing in mind that all of them claim to be believers in one Supreme God.

Both Roman Catholic and Baptist Church hold a common understanding of Jesus Christ. They both believe that Jesus was the son of God and as born through the Virgin Mary to come and reconcile sinners with God. The two churches also believe in life after death, implying that there is a resurrection after death and that Jesus will come back to take the church with him to heaven. There is a punishment for sins and those who sin can be forgiven if they seek repentance for the atonement of their sins. The two churches have shared a history of interaction in religious activities and functions, even though there are differences in the way they carry out religious practices. An investigation into the religious practices of the two churches reveals that even though the two churches have been around for many years, the differences in their traditional practices are many as compared to the similarities outlined above. It is expected that this study will contribute to the existing literature about the differences between Roman Catholic and Baptism and help clarify the confusion that might be existing between the two denominations; especially in the manner, the two churches exercise their traditional Christian practices and beliefs.

One of the main differences is in the manner the two churches carry out baptism. From the Baptist Church

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