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99 names of God. Religion & Theology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Choose 4 different Muslim names for God—some of which appear “different” to you. Write a well-developed typed essay explaining four different Muslim names for God. For each name you choose, type a paragraph that describes how it might apply to God. Then write a final paragraph reflecting on how all four names, or attributes, can accurately refer to the same God. Essay needs an introduction as well. Due Wednesday, February 5. Weighted as a test grade.


99 Names of God
99 Names of God
Muslims have a wide array of names for God. Moreover, they believe in one God, Allah, even though God is also described by other words which are used to reveal the deity’s abilities and superhuman nature. This paper will focus on analyzing the four different Muslim names for God, what they mean, and if they accurately refer to the same God (Dawood, 1990). The four names under analysis are the judge, the forbearing, the holy, and the omniscient.

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