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What causes athletes to have “bad” games? Psychology Research (Research Paper Sample)


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What Causes Athletes To Have "Bad" Games?
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The failure of athletics in several games is worth investigating. Several people do inquire about these sources of failure, and here is an investigation of the same. This research will highlight the sources of failure, assess the effects, and then list some of the solutions that can be offered. The last portion is the conclusion on the entire research, by rechecking on how possible these are.
What Causes Athletes To Have "Bad" Games?
Every athlete aims at performing in the best way in every competition they attend. In some instances, this does not happen, and some of them do not perform at all. It has been a topic of concern to several people who wondered why this happened. Researchers have studied athletes, interviewed them, and found out why some of them do not make it to their optimal best, and achieve their objectives. Recently, the world's fastest man, Hussein Bolt, did not finish as the best in the last competition he was in the Worlds last competition he attended. He was beaten by the upcoming individuals. To assess this a lot of factors are considered, from history, the recent vents, and the type of competition they are in. These competitions do not only limit to the track events but extend to other in-track events like discus, javelin, high and low jump, alongside other events. This is the focus of this paper, to establish why some athletics do not perform in major paralympic games.

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