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Sexual Dual Relationships in Counselling (Research Paper Sample)


This is a major ethical research review paper.
The topic is Sexual Dual Relationships in Counseling
(Chapter 9 from “Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling” Theodore Remley, Jr. and Barbara Herlihy). This book should be one reference but it needs 12 others as well).
The paper will include a review of the literature on the ethical issue of sexual dual relationships. The paper is to be 9 pages in length, and written in APA style. Minimum 12 references.
Please site from the ACA Code of Ethics (ACA, 2014) and site legal cases nationally and from MN (as current as possible).
Analyze the topic from multiple perspectives (offending mental health professional, harm to clients, legal consequences for offending counselors, civil lawsuits, criminalization of sex with clients, postcounseling sexual relationships, sexual attraction to clients, counseling clients who have been abused by previous counselors).
After that, I have to state my own position on the topic.
Running Head in “Header” is a shortened version of article's title
Do not have to use “Running Head” in the Running Head
Abstract is on its own page
Use the First-person voice or third person, but not second person.
Avoid direct quotes
The pronoun for “client” is not “their” instead of “her or his” or “her/his.”
Minimum of 2 APA heading levels used


Sexual Dual Relationships in Counselling
Counseling is a very beneficial process that helps clients get back to their normal functioning and thus making it possible to enjoy their lives. It is a process required for people who have lost interest in activities they were initially interested in, are depressed and anxious, or are unable to control their emotions among others. The aim is to make their lives worth living and restore hope to those who have lost it. However, this practice is challenged when dual relationships are developed since this changes the focus of the counseling. Instead of meeting and discussing more on how to address the identified issues, the focus is on how to continue with their sexual intimacy. In cases in which the encounter happens once, the relationship loses trust since the client sees the therapist from a negative perspective. It also becomes a great challenge to the therapist once he is reported in court. This essay will highlight further on the issue of sexual dual relationships in counseling.
Sexual Dual Relationships in Counseling
Each day, counselors/ mental health professionals interact with their clients in different therapy settings. In each of the closed context, the aim is to form a therapeutic alliance in order to help clients address their mental health concerns. Establishment of the primary relationship is very important because it determines how the recovery process would be. However, it is possible for different other relationships (apart from the therapeutic alliance) to emerge during the treatment process or immediately after termination. This can be considered in the case of clients and therapists, who share a church, have a common friend, live in the same neighborhood, or meet often at the shopping mall. These regular encounters outside the primary relationship lead to non-primary relationships that challenge daily practice of professionals ethically. The emerging relationships might make it impossible ensure confidentiality or even maintain professional distance.
Definition of Dual Relationships
According to Kitson and Serlinger (2017), dual relationships occur whenever therapists and/or the clients initiate relationships different from the preconditioned relationships within therapy settings. It is worth noting that dual relationships can occur during, prior, or after the therapy process begins. As explained by Pope, Sonne and Greene (2006) dual relationships have all along been associated with negative consequences such as sexual transgressions and client exploitation. However, currently, relationships outside the therapeutic relationships are wide. They include non-professional relationships such as having children in the same school to more serious issues such as having private relationships with patients, taking gifts, socializing with clients in their daily practices, and engaging in physical contact. With these types of relationships, mental health professionals cross the boundary thus adversely affecting clients' rights and leading to unjust sexual contacts.
Even with view as immoral and linked with harm and abuse of clients, dual relationships continue to exist in the counseling practice. This means that therapists who engage in such practice do not adhere to codes of conduct and ethical standards that are set to guide their practice. While there are numerous types of dual relationships, a common and the most harmful is sexual intimacy between a therapist and a client. This happens even with a clear statement in the American Counseling Association that therapists should never engage in sexual intimacies with their clients. It is further stated that sexual relationships between therapists and clients are unethical and thus should never happen. Neve...

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