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Research Design Paper on Depression (Research Paper Sample)


The assignment on researching a topic of interest is due according to the course syllabus deadline. You may, of course, turn in your finished paper before the due date. Late assignments will not receive full credit.

The grade for your paper will be in part determined by how well you follow these instructions. I recommend that you carefully read them more than once! Your paper should be based on your reading and reference materials in the form of scientific journal articles, books, media reports and web sites. Ideas or facts taken from other sources should be appropriately referenced. The additional purpose of this assignment is to increase your familiarity with research for psychology and informational databases. This is important because you will need to use articles from original research studies as references for your paper. For Example: Note that you can locate studies and scientific articles with DVC’s database ProQuest and other databases from the DVC library website.

You are required to use at least five (5) PRIMARY references as support for your topic. Of course, you may use as many references as you wish, beyond this minimum number of five Primary Sources. These five required primary sources should have been published within the past ten (10) years. Other types of references for your paper may be scientific articles, secondary sources, web sites (TERTIARY), books, media reports, and so forth. You must use at least five primary sources, otherwise points will be deducted.


Research Design Paper on Depression
Research Design Paper on Depression
Depression is a state where an individual feels enormously hopeless, sad, and distressed with less energy for mental and physical activities. The state is accompanied by a feeling of loss, guilt and low self-esteem. The rate of depression on individuals depends on age. Several studies indicate that as people grow older, the level of depression improves (Kim et al., 2016). Studies further indicate that adults are more depressed than the youths and children. The topic is interesting to me because it will help me in understanding the reasons why adults tend to be more depressed that the youths and children. For example, several studies indicate that adults have experienced a lot of frustrations in life and have lost most of their friends, which makes them more depressed than the youths and children. The work covers how the research will be conducted which includes how the study design, the challenges faced, how data will be collected, and how the data will be analyzed. Finally, the work shows a conclusion based on the data collected which involves a speculative report on the study conducted.
A study conducted by (‘''', 2018) shows that there are various symptoms of depression such as mood symptoms, physical symptoms, and cognitive symptoms. Cognitive symptoms include inability to concentrate and difficulty in making decisions. Also, physical symptoms include loss of appetite, fatigue, feeling restless, sleeping disorder, weakness, and reduced functioning levels. Finally, mood symptoms include inability to experience pleasure, thoughts of suicide, feeling of sadness, feelings of guilt, and loss of interest in unusual activities. The study indicates that the old age experience a lot of stress because of their friends and family members that they have lost in life. However, they have fewer goals to achieve in life which makes them less stressed. Also, the research shows that the old are contented in their situation because they do not care whether they have achieved their objectives in life or not.
However, (Horowitz & Garber, 2006) depicts that there are a lot of suicides among cases among the youths. The youths have a lot of responsibility in life. The study indicates that the youths have a lot of decisions to make in life. Some of the decisions include choosing the right partner to marry and meeting their set goals. To add, the youths have several responsibilities such as providing for their families and at the same time attending classes to improve their education. The youths form most of the working class in the society. The youths seek for better jobs that are highly paying to improve their living standards. The process involves a lot of stress as the youths had to divide time for attending classes to improve their career and at the same time going to work. More so, they experience a lot of stress in their marriage because the couples sometimes divorce, which forces force them to live separately with their families.
The current research indicates that children are less depressed. Children depend majorly on their parents. Parents support their children both mentally and financially. The support given to children by their parents relieves them from stress (Elder, 2018). However, the research indicates that there are a lot of suicide cases among the children. Children are sometimes depressed in school, especially because they are afraid to attend classes. Some children have low intelligent quotient which makes learning difficult. Therefore, such children may lose hope in life and decide to kill themselves. However, children are generally less depressed as compared to the old age and the youths.

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