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Factors Affecting Purchasing Decision Of Environmental Friendly Goods (Research Paper Sample)


Please write an literature review on past studies regarding the topic. A paper is provided for you to base your research. This paper will gave you a clear direction to follow. Factors need to be included in the literature review: emotional condition, Perceived Consumer Effectiveness, Self-Efficacy, Planned Behavior Control, Neutralization. You should also research the effect of each factor on each other, for example: emotional experience increase Perceived Consumer Effectiveness.The factors are all discussed in the paper provided to you. So please read the paper thoroughly to fully understand the request of this job. You are basically repeating and expanding the research already done in this paper. It will have most sources for articles you need to review and cite. Thank you. Ask me for clearification if you have any question.


Factors Affecting Purchasing Decision of Environmentally Friendly Goods
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Factors Affecting Purchasing Decision of Environmentally Friendly Goods
Environmental friendly behaviors are growing across industries as consumers become more conscious about sustainability and the environmental impact of the goods they purchase. Consumers’ conviction that their buying behaviors have an impact on the environment and social issues have led them to make purchasing decisions that are consistent with their beliefs. The global campaign to improve sustainable behaviors has created a sense of pride or guilt that translates to green purchases (Antonetti & Maklan, 2014). However, Joshi and Rahman (2015) present concerns due to the discrepancy between the customers that express positive attitudes towards environmental sustainability and actual green purchases. Research shows that approximately 67% of consumers express positive attitudes towards green consumption, but only 4% actually make green purchases (Doran, Hanss, & Larsen, 2015; Antonetti & Maklan, 2014; Grundey & Zaharia, 2008). The literature review will examine the factors affecting the purchasing decision of environmentally friendly goods; emotional condition, perceived consumer effectiveness, self-efficacy, planned behavior control, and neutralization.
Emotional Condition
The emotional condition of consumers is a psychological reason why buyers opt to shop eco-friendly products. Other factors include motivation, awareness, and belief (Khan & Larsson, 2012). As established, consumers’ emotion is affected by their perception of their role in effecting change. Antonetti and Maklan (2014) posit that pride and guilt are prevalent in every shopping episode, and have the capacity to regulate sustainable consumption by the customers via influencing their perception. The awareness of the adverse impact the deteriorating environment has on other people and organisms creates a sense of personal responsibility in environmental conservation (Kumar & Ghodeswar, 2015). Such awareness creates an emotional connection to environmental conservation and sustainable consumption trends. Such intrinsic concerns lead to interest in firms that are focused on the consumption of green products, environmental friendly manufacturers, and proactive engagement in environment conservation endeavors (Chen, Chen & Tung, 2018). Thus, the feelings of guilt and pride are associated with compliance or lack of compassion and belief of environmental concerns, which they can influence at an individual level as they make purchases.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Elements contributing to the emotional connection with environmental friendly purchases (Kumar & Ghodeswar, 2015).
To optimize the chances of green product purchases, there has to be a proper balance between the quality, functions, and its environmental, cost, social, and ethical components. This leads to the deduction that although consumers may rely on their belief systems to make a purchase and emotional impulses in a shopping episode, their decisions are not only affected by the availability of green products exclusively, but by their supply chain as a whole (Iravania, Zadehb, Mahroeian, Foroziac, & shafaruddind, 2012; Doran, Hanss, & Larsen, 2015). The sustainability of products is determined by its life cycle in its entirety from production to the disposal of its byproducts.
The Theory of Reasoned Action
The theory of reasoned action (TRA) holds that rationale in human beings is founded on some assumptions. Further, the theory posits that individuals have the cognitive ability to think before taking action and make a conscious decision about their behavioral options. The factors a...

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