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Psychopathology And Diagnosis Dilemmas (Research Paper Sample)


Now that we are knee deep in the discussion of the various diagnoses, and now that you have begun work on your Diagnosis Kits, let's talk for a few minutes about how you might go about making some of the important decisions that await you. On any given day you can quickly read the diagnostic criteria and find a diagnosis that fits with the symptoms you are seeing. However, there will be times when you will question yourself and what you are seeing. Although some you will see will not rise to the diagnosis level for any disorder (and therefore should be repeated as 'No Diagnosis', the vast majority will meet criteria for at least one disorder. As you prepare to tell me how you think you will go about resolving these dilemmas, make sure your answer addresses:
1) What are your options for resolving diagnostic dilemmas?
2) How many times will you return to the decision tree for each classification of disorder?
3) Is there a time when you perceive yourself as being willing to seek consultation - and what would those circumstances be?
4) What role do the notes you took during your diagnostic interview play when facing such a dilemma?
5) If you are unable to reach a diagnosis, how would you record data so that future clinicians might know what you thought and any concerns you identified?


Psychopathology and Diagnosis


Psychopathology and Diagnosis

One option for resolving a diagnostic dilemma is to do more research on the symptoms. Ideally, while the symptoms may not match any possible disease, it is important to do more research to see what could have been missed. This means examining various medical databases and reports for conditions that may seem unrelated to the symptoms but could be deceiving. Another option is to work closely with other medical professionals. Seeking feedback from other professionals is essential because they may have encountered such as condition before and could be of help (Harrison, 2005, p. 121). In this case, collaborating with other physicians to find the possible diagnosis is essential.

I would return to the decision tree as many times as possible to ensure that I have an accurate diagnosis for a disorder. This is because the decision tree offers an opportunity to analyze all possible alternatives to enhance the accuracy of the diagnosis. The more I return to the decision tree, the higher the chances of ensuring that I do not miss anything during diagnosis. Given that a lot of knowledge has been gathered in the decision tree, returning there many times is effective because it helps to analyze the diagnosis from different angles (Harrison, 2005, p. 121). In this way, it is better to return many times to the decision tree to help alleviate any fears in making errors in the diagnosis.
One circumstance

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