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Psychology lab. Ethanol Impairment Study. Effects of Alcohol (Research Paper Sample)


This is a research paper and I already write the Intro section,and need to rewrite it. And help me to include some background information related to novelty seeking in relation to alcohol response in your introduction. you can find the information of novelty seeking in the lab manual. And I will uploadtd the intro section that I write.


Ethanol Impairment Study

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Ethanol, a psychoactive chemical, can alter thinking as well as behavior. Influencing how the neurons in the brain interact with each other, the effect of ethanol can significantly affect motor performance. Commonly known as the primary chemical found in alcoholic beverages, ethanol has the potential of causing various degrees of impairment. When consuming alcohol, once it has been absorbed by the gastrointestinal system, the ethanol soon enters the bloodstream where it begins to affect brain function. Studies have been done with both men and women in order to understand the different behavioral effects of ethanol. To confirm whether the biological differences between men and women impact how ethanol acts in the body, this paper explores the results of an experimental rat study on the subject of ethanol impairment.

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