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Psychological research Psychology Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper # 2
Write comprehensive research paper on “Cognitive, Intelligence, and Language” which should highlight on Cognitive Revolution in Psychology, Thinking , Intelligence, Language, Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Health and Wellness . Please provide citation as well.


Psychological Research
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Psychological Research
The cognitive revolution is roughly six decades old, with dramatic changes to the subject following a shift in the style of research that is used by psychologists (Miller, 2003). The cognitive revolution legitimized the study of the study of the mind. The revolution offered an alternative to the stimulus-response structure of behaviorism by linking the process lying between a person’s history and their actions (Griffiths, 2014). By using cognitive psychology, psychologists can resolve issues by using a method that focuses on observable events while referring to possible invisible events that have taken place making the events possible. Cognitive psychology deals with the way people think, remember and pay attention to activities concepts or events.

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