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Proposal For Animal Shelter Funding (Research Paper Sample)


2) During lab between 2/20-2/26 give your TA a brief overview of what your research team plans to study and how. Think about each item/question below before talking to them. Your TA, who is a great researcher themselves, will provide feedback that will help you answer the following questions and improve your experiment. Your TA will keep track of which research teams they spoke with about their research project idea. So, did your team speak with the TA or not about the team research project? A simple “yes” or “no” is sufficient.


3) Research Question:

Are people more likely to donate more to a local animal shelter if there is some emotional connection from a picture?

4) Theoretical interest of your study – What makes it interesting and important to the study of psychology? Support your ideas with reference to at least four published research articles related to your topic. Provide each reference in APA style. Also, provide the abstracts of each paper – a screenshot of each, or a copy and paste of each.

  1. Animals play a huge role in the lives of humans, so the strategies used to adopt animals are interesting to psychology because of the use of emotional manipulation. One of the big impacts that go into people’s consideration for animal adoption is money. So it matters how shelters use strategies to convince people to part with their money and adopt an animal.

Proposal for Animal Shelter Funding
Student’s Name
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The basis of this proposal is to conduct an investigation on animal welfare and the need to promote and advocate for their rights. Arguably, animal shelters play a significant role in the promotion of an animal’s wellbeing. Without shelter, many animals would be loitering in the neighborhoods. For that reason, policymakers should enhance positive collaboration between the relevant stakeholders, thus fostering positive results. Both stakeholders should work towards improving and taking care of animals such as dogs. Moreover, they should emphasize more on dog ownership. Although most organizations receive donations to operate, others receive funds from the government. The specific amount of funds each facility receives has an impact on the overall number of animals it can accommodate. The proposal involves conducting an investigation on animal shelter funding and the related emotional connection to dog ownership.
Keywords: Types of animals, shelter funding, animal shelter costs, donations, government funding, dog ownership, and rescues.
Over the last decade, the overall number of homeless animals has increased tremendously because of pet overpopulation. In some instances, the increasing number of animals results in euthanasia practices as a way of controlling the number of pets in shelters. Therefore, it is imperative to encourage the funding of animal shelters for effective operations. Besides, policymakers ought to collaborate with other relevant stakeholders to advocate for animal welfare education to the current and potential dog owners. Creating an awareness campaign can play a relevant role in combating instances of animal homelessness. Accordingly, encouraging other people to donate towards enhancing an animal’s welfare in the shelter is important because it eradicates vagrancy. Additionally, educating the community can lead to better use of animal welfare issues. In most cases, people lack the requisite information about animal welfare.
Literature Review
Animal welfare has been one of the major concerns in different parts of the world. Notably, it is apparent that the present adoption mechanisms in animal shelters determine the overall number of adoptions and donations. According to Lord & Widmar (2014), one of the primary ways of increasing the number of open spaces and saving more lives would be reducing the adoption fee incurred during peak kitten and puppy season. However, it is not important to increase the financial well-being of the shelters if the cost per animal exceeds the generated revenue. An increase in animal density results in the escalation of costs of operation and the maintenance of animal welfare.
Similarly, Powell, Chia, McGreevy, Podberscek, Edwards, Neilly, & Stamatakis (2018), argue that dog ownership is one of the popular practices globally. In fact, most owners are likely to form a strong relationship with the animals. Nevertheless, the number of animals surrendered to animal shelters has been increasing over the years. For this reason, researchers considered it plausible to explore the benefits and challenges associated with dog ownership. People who have a long history of dog ownership are expected to accrue benefits from keeping pets. Just like other authors, Powell et al., (2018) support the need for education among prospective dog owners with the intent of ensuring that their anticipations align with the reality of dog ownership.
Mohan-Gibbons, Weiss, Garrison, & Allison (2014) assert that animal adoption programs vary across different areas in the United States. The authors contend that many dogs enter animal welfare organizations on an annual...

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