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Personal Growth Plan Psychology Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


A paper describing your personal growth plan. This will include personal negative schemas, the historical/ developmental experiences that lead to the formation of the schemas, the needs that have been frustrated as a result, the defenses used to cope with the schemas, the ways in which relationship dynamics have operated, goals for overcoming the schemas, the ways in which personal growth is needed, and, finally, how spirituality may play a role in overcoming your schemas. You will also review your personal growth over the period of a month. The paper is to be 8 pages using APA style.


Personal Growth Plan
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Personal Growth Plan
The achievement of set goals, standards, or objectives across different aspects of a person’s life often results in positive impacts on their lives. The positive effects on one’s life may either be short-term or long-term while also manifesting in equally diverse forms. Securing a high paying job, for instance, may lead one’s financial independence and provide the financial support needed for establishing other sources of generating income. Employment, in this case, sets the basis for generating more income through other platforms and thus leading to financial stability. The overall outcome of such a transition further makes for an excellent platform for the realization of other equally significant elements of life, including joy, happiness, and tranquility. However, the pursuit and achievement of these elements in one’s life require more than professional or occupational development. A holistic approach to personal growth and development should be adopted for the actualization of a person’s full potential in their diverse endeavors in life. In essence, personal growth thrives on making incremental developments in one’s life towards becoming the best version of one’s self for the fulfillment of life goals and potential. Personal growth entails the interaction and integration of knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and one’s experiences in one’s life towards the achievement of set goals and objectives. It covers different aspects of one’s life, including professional, intellectual, social, and physical growth, with each category characterized by unique elements that are reflective of positive change in a person’s life. Attaining the best version of one’s self across the different areas of growth requires the adoption of a personal growth plan that serves as a guideline for the achievement of the desired outcomes across the four integral areas of a person’s life. Provided herein is a description of my personal growth plan highlighting both the stages and elements of the same while also providing an evaluation of its application.

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