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Impacts of Increasing Legalization of Marihuana upon Mental Illness (Research Paper Sample)


What impact do you believe the increasing legalization of marijuana will have upon mental illness? With marijuana becoming more readily available, are we likely to see any changes in psychiatric disorders in terms of how and when they present? Will the rates of psychiatric disorders go up, down, or stay the same? What evidence do you have? Use at least three outside sources to make your point.
PLEASE use a rather formal way of presentation/word choices for this paper. Try not to make your arguments too repetitive.
Write TWO 4 – 5 page, double-spaced response papers (using 12-point font). You must use three outside sources for reference in your response paper (e.g., beyond assigned readings and what was covered in class); examples will include scientific articles, periodicals, and printed interviews.


Impacts of Legalizing Marijuana upon Mental Illness
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Impacts of Legalizing Marijuana upon Mental Illness
The world has recently experienced an escalation in the rate of legalization of Marijuana, also referred to as Cannabis and weed (Glynn, 2019). Marijuana is usually extracted from the flowers of Cannabis sativa. Although the proponents of the drug argue that it is good for medicinal or positively recreational purposes in which it can be added to either tea or soup, researchers have proven that there are profound negative impacts that usually arise from its use; especially to the mind (Johnston et al., 2018). Most users of marijuana tend to smoke it in the form of cigarettes, in water pipes or in pipes. These users find pleasure in its use due to its numerous active ingredients, most of which are resins, such as ‘shatter’, ‘budder’, and ‘hash oil’ (Blanco et al., 2016). This write-up delves into the impacts of marijuana legalization in the current spell of mental illnesses all over the world.

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