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How Do Drugs Work In The Body And On The Mind (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper should focus on how drugs work in the body and on the mind. In this research paper, use the book, Beautiful Boy and TWO peer-reviewed or scholarly journal to answer the question. Students are encouraged to employ their imagination in developing the paper. Students are encouraged to use the themes presented in Beautiful Boy to help decide their research topic.
Guiding questions:
1. The effects of drugs on the body and brain
2. The genetic, behavioral, cognitive, and social causes of additions
3. How psychologists and psychiatrists view and treat addictions
Beautiful Boy Themes
Degradation of neurons


How Do Drugs Work In the Body and On the Mind?
How Do Drugs Work In the Body and On the Mind?
Drugs are harmful to our bodies. David Sheff decided to write a memoir that was sold out on drugs. The book Beautiful Boy talks about the life of Nic and how Sheff struggles with his son. He truly loves his son, but he poses a threat to the family. The book takes us through the struggles of the said family. One day, Nic steals money from his siblings and gets arrested in front of the family. This forces Sheff to install security cameras to prevent any break-ins from Nic. Throughout the memoir, Nick goes through rehabilitation although he relapses multiple times. He is sober for almost two years but then has another relapse. Nic then seeks treatment hoping that this is the last time he is falling off the grid. In the end, Sheff tells us that his son is already one year sober and he hopes there will be no more relapses. Sheff attends meetings and therapeutical sessions where he learns of three Cs. You did not cause it, you cannot control it, and you cannot cure it. Sheff finds it hard to accept those three Cs but ends up knowing that he has tried his best helping his son. It is up to Nic to get himself in order and figure things out for himself. The essay discusses how drugs work in the body and on the mind.
People have different views on what mental health means. To some, it is order and control. Good mental health is essential in our bodies, and it is a sign of a good way of life. On the other hand, mental ill health is the complete opposite as there are multiple problems and a person is usually unhappy most of the times. Your frame of mind may vary between the two as mental health can change. It can be affected by external influences, and one of these is drugs. Drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and cannabis are psychoactive. This means that they can affect the mood of a person (Prescott &Kendler, 2016). Usually, the changes in behavior or mood are as a result of changes to the brain affecting mental health in general. Drugs interfere with the chemicals in the brain. As a result, the messages sent by those chemicals are distorted. Most of the drugs have both short term and long term effects on the brain.
Drug-induced anxiety disorder is one of the short term effects of using drugs. This condition may be accompanied by panic attacks where one experiences severe anxiety and the heart rate increases. Also, a person starts sweating continuously and experiencing shortness of breath. A person experiencing a panic attack is more likely to feel as if they are in strange surroundings (Merikangas, Stolar, Stevens, Goulet, 2014). Another effect is delusions. Psychoactive drugs cause this, and one starts hallucinating. Feeling moody or depressed can also be another effect of using drugs. This is mostly caused by drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methadone among others. On the other hand, long term effects are much more dangerous and risky. Ecstasy and depression are some of the most common long t

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