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The Efficacy Of Video Modeling As An Autism Intervention (Research Paper Sample)


Paper should begin with definition and explanation of what video modeling is ( use articles for this).All studies of all the articles that I have attached should be used because the paper needs to focus on the efficacy of video modeling as an intervention. Please, if few articles talk about video modeling used for the same skill group them together ..All articles should be used.


Video Modelling for Autistic Children
There are quite a number of techniques that are available to teachers to make sure they are able to reach their students at the point of need and impact the desired level of education and more importantly enlightenment. For the teachers who work with children these tools can be diverse and more importantly involving. This is relative to the level of understanding that the children have at the different stages. There is a special class of children that require even more fine-tuned methods of teaching; children with autism. One of the best ways to help children with autism to learn is through video modelling. This is a technique that involves the use of video recording and display equipment to provide to the student with a visual model of a targeted skill or behavior. This a well-documented intervention within the behavioral sciences (Rudy, Betz, Malone, Henry & Chong, 2014). It is an intervention that is used in a number of areas among them, social behavior, adaptive skills, language development and play. It is an approach that has in particular been found to be efficacious for children that are suffering from autism (Schatz, Peterson & Bellini, 2016).
The Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders referred commonly as DSM-5, persons that are considered to be suffering from the autism spectrum of disorders tend to show inadequacies that are permanent within the field of interaction and social communication (Akmanoglu, 2015). There are a number of characteristics that can be used to identify or diagnose a person that is suffering from autism spectrum of conditions. Among the main ones include the fact that they tend to have an unusual approach towards people, where they display challenges creating or maintaining conversations. They are also challenged when it comes to the verbal and nonverbal communications skills. As such, a person that is suffering autism will difficulty using and understanding aspects such as gestures, facial expressions, and body language (Akmanoglu, 2015). At the same time, their vocabulary and ability to interpret some of the aspects of language such tone variation among others will be lacking. These persons also tend to show inadequacy when it comes to the adaptation behaviors within the various social contexts such as making friends, facing difficulties when involved imaginary plays, showing interest in their peers, sharing various items such as during play, understanding the various relationships they are in along with the development and maintenance of social relations (Akmanoglu, 2015).
Persons that suffer from autism tend to have challenges when they are expressing their emotions as well as understanding the feelings that others in their environment express. This is relative to the fact that they do not have developed skills when it comes to interacting with the facial cues used in conversations. As such, they will interpret the facial cues with efficiency to take part in a normal conversation. This further points to the challenges that autistic people face when it comes to their social skills as they limit their ability to interact with their peers. The face is an important part of the human interactions and works as a primary source of information. As such, the ability to recognize and correctly interpret facial cues is an important part of conversations and social interactions in general. Where the skills are lacking, this means that communication if labored between the parties and there are chances of miscommunications (Akmanoglu, 2015).
Children that suffer from autism are not able to develop the skill to make and interpret facial reflections and expressions in their first year of ...

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