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ParentingEffects of parenting on development (Research Paper Sample)


Parenting: What is the effect of parenting on development? What is the impact of parents who hover over their children, i.e. helicopter parents? What is the impact of parents who have been termed “tiger moms”? What is the impact of parents who have a laissez faire attitude toward their children? What is the parenting style that has the most positive impact on children’s development?
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Messy feeding times, changing diapers and screaming at children are what comes to mind when parenting is mentioned. Parenting, however, is far beyond the basic survival requirements for children, it plays a significant role in how children turn out emotionally, their habits and their personalities among other things. Decisions made during parenting influence the development of the child socially, physically and emotionally and these effects highlights the importance of good parenting. Appropriate parenting is considered to be one that prepares the kid to meet the hassles of the community where they live. Parenting styles differ from parent to parent due to the different preferences for each individual, some parents may be very challenging and stern while others are tolerant and very composed. Each child raising style has different characteristics and features, it is essential for a kid to be given both sovereignty and support for sufficient growth. Herein are the effects of parenting on the development, the effects of the different types of parents and finding the most effective parenting style that has the most positive impact on the child’s development.

Effects of parenting on development.

With parents being a fixed and always present feature in a child’s life normally, they have the most significant influence on their development. A parent’s response to their children greatly affects how they consciously and socially develop (Moore, 2017). Some parents prefer total authority like the tiger moms who are known to be highly strict, severe and demanding discipline. Such parenting has been associated with children developing into stable, self-controlled and those having positive behaviors due to the demanding but unresponsive nature of the parents. The parenting style helps in ensuring healthy development because children are taught to follow rules and have their own opinions. Helicopter parenting has been found to cause anxiety and depression in children, which is developmentally inappropriate. Studies show that students who had experienced over-controlling parenting reported significantly high levels of dissatisfaction with life and depression (Schiffrin et al., 2013, p.1). This is due to the demanding and responsive nature of the parenting style. Some parents have a laissez faire attitude towards their children, which is associated with being permissive, having a response to the child but not demanding. These kinds of parents do not set limits on their kids’ social, emotional or physical life, they are open and accept their children as they are.

Helicopter parents

High demand, absolute control, low responsiveness and low acceptance are the main characteristics of authoritarian/helicopter parents. They do not give room for communication or any discussion because their style and engagement is about total cooperation with no tolerance for questions or going against the rules. This parenting style demands and assumes maturity from a child with very low parent-child communication. Helicopter parenting styles are considered to have negative effects on academic success and children behavior in general. The parents mainly attempt to regulate and frame the approaches and behavior of their kids according to preset standards to stress on order, respect for power and conformity (Johari et al., 2015, p.18). The excessive parenting control levels may lead to improper social attitudes and rebellious behavior. Children brought up in this parenting style are regarded as not

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