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How Childhood Trauma/Abuse Can Lead To Drug Addiction (Research Paper Sample)


How childhood abuse/truma can lead to drug abuse, the history of drug abuse, the types of drug addictions and the history of addictions. The different types of treatment approaches.
Topic papers should be formatted APA style, doubled spaced, using 12 pt-Times New Roman fonts, one-inch margins and a bibliography.


Drug Abuse
How Childhood Abuse/Trauma Can Lead to Drug Abuse,
Child abuse has been linked to latter drug abuse for varied reasons. These reasons include lack of close family ties which lead to loneliness and stress. These factors can drive an individual to drug abuse in a bid to escape the harsh reality that makes their life miserable. In most cases, child abuse stems from drug abuse related incidences and the victims tend to use the same drugs. Children abused by parents often find solace in friends who are mostly drug addicts and recruit the vulnerable victim to use them. Child abuse victims are vulnerable and can often be misled to try drugs to drown their problems. Trauma from other incidences can mount pressure on some people especially children to start trying drugs.
History of Drug Abuse
Drugs have been abused for centuries. Abuse of drugs dates back to beginnings of human civilization CITATION Cen12 \l 1033 (Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, 2012). People often found time to drink alcohol in celebrations. The practice took root in most societies and became a social norm. Though it was highly controlled and a reserve for the mature or rich, some people found ways to abuse these substances. In the course of time, more drugs were discovered especially for treating different ailments. At first, the people used them responsibly but over time some people started abusing them. These drugs were naturally occurring plant extracts in some regions. However, due to trade, these products reached the world over. The were commercialized and farmed for trade. Drug abuse started to take root in more societies as more drugs became available. Medicinal breakthrough also created a new problem with drugs. Some of the medicinal drugs had ‘high' side effects or they were sedative. They also contained addictive substances and most people found themselves hooked to them.
Types of Drug Addictions
There are three broad categories of drugs three types of drug addictions that can be derived from general categories of drugs often abused. Alcohol is one of the mainly abused substances. Typically, it comes in different forms such as beer, whisky, spirits, wine etc. It leads to alcoholism which is a prominent addiction condition with adverse side effects. Secondly, is the prescription medication and over the counter drugs. These drugs are often meant for different ailme

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