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Can a Relationship Survive After Betrayal? (Research Paper Sample)


Answer a question you have about relationships using the academic research. Your assignment will follow the style of the posts on www(dot)scienceofrelationships(dot)com (now hosted at www(dot)luvze(dot)com): short, to the point and grounded in academic research. 1. Think of a question you have about intimate/romantic relationships. 2. Find 2-3 RECENT academic research articles (in psychology and/or the study of relationships that can inform this question or topic). 3. Write a short post (similar to the ones on the Science of Relationships site) about 300-500 words answering this question using the research. The assignment MUST include an APA style title page and reference list. You may choose a similar topic to what is on the Science of Relationships website but your assignments must be original. That is, the site can help you generate ideas, but you should develop your own research question and arguments. The goal is to use recent research on the psychology of relationships. Please choose a topic that is about intimate/romantic relationships, draw on research primarily from psychology (i.e., academic journals in psychology, relationships, sexuality), and use recent articles (ideally beyond 2010). Marking Scheme The assignment will be graded on the following: 1. Understanding of the research (30%) -Have you accurately interpreted the academic journal articles? -Do they provide insight to your research question? -Have you defined any key terms for your reader? 2. Relevance of the research included to the research question (20%) -Are your sources appropriate to answer this research question? -Are sources recent and on the psychology of relationship? 3. Writing style (30%) -Is your writing engaging? Will it get a lay audience interested in and excited about this research? -Is your writing clear, concise, and free from grammatical and spelling errors? -Can a reader follow your arguments and ideas? 4. Originality of question and ideas presented (15%) -Have you presented an interesting and original research question? -Have you integrated the research to inform this question in a clear and interesting way? 5. Adherence to APA (5%) -Does your title page, style, reference list and in-text citations adhere to APA guidelines? Note: These are guidelines only—this is not an exhaustive list—doing these things does not guarantee you any given mark on your paper.


Can a Relationship Survive After Betrayal?
Can a Relationship Survive After Betrayal?
Can a relationship survive after betrayal? Betrayal in relationships occurs in many ways and under various circumstances. However, regardless of the ways or forms of betrayal, the question at hand is whether people can overcome these forms for the relationship to continue. Should spouses try to understand the trigger of the action leading to betrayal? Most couples always want to rebuild relationships after broken trust. However, considering keeping the relationship doesn’t mean that someone has forgotten the event of betrayal. The pain of thinking about lost trust takes a very long time to extinguish. The difference comes in because the partners are no longer preserving a relationship but are engaged in committing to build a new relationship after a major disagreement and conflict from the failure of betrayal (Scheinkman, 2005). What keeps the relationship after betrayal? Most couples have an intimate bond that they don't just want to give up despite the feelings of anger, guilt, insecurities, and humiliation. In this case, the relationship might have a significant history and various connections like family, friends and religious ideals that should be considered before deciding to let go or try to fix the mess.
Betrayal occurs in many ways that cannot be predicted or rather explained after the incident. This statement means that even the most stable relationships can fall prey to betrayal. The most prevalent form of betrayal is infidelity

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