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Ways of Improving How NBA is Run (Research Paper Sample)


The basic idea for the project is to develop a research proposal for a topic of your choice. The research question may be related to one of the topics covered in class or another suitably appropriate area of research in the area of sports economics. I recommend sketching an idea after the first day of class, and then revising it throughout the quarter as you read the course materials and have a chance to think more about the economics of sports and your interests.
Suggested Length for Written Paper and Presentation
The written paper that you turn in should be between 5-6 pages long (not including up to 2 pages of tables and/or graphs). The project must be word processed and double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins on the top/bottom/left/right.
Presentations should be 4-6 minutes in length. You should prepare a short set of slides to be used for the presentation. Slides must be emailed to me by 12:00pm on the due date to receive full credit.


Ways of Improving How NBA is Run


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Ways of Improving How NBA is Run

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a North American professional basketball league for men. The league is made up of 30 teams; 29 from the United States of America and 1 from Canada. The NBA is among the four major North American professional sports leagues. Founded in 1946, the league has grown to be considered the premier league for professional men’s basketball in the world. By the estimates of the annual salary received by every player, NBA players are the best-paid athletes in the world. In the 2014-15 season, an average player made $4.6 million (Gaines, 2015). Despite the consistent growth and increased global popularity of the NBA, the league faces various problems. The lack of competitive balance is one of the major problems facing the league. A few teams have dominated the league while the rest wallow in mediocrity. For instance, finals pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors could have easily been predicted in the past few seasons. Most fans do not find the game entertaining anymore when a team is leading by say 30 points. This predictability and lack of balance are not good for business (Hrinya, 2017). The dominance of the Western Conference over the Eastern Conference is also a problem among the fans. The dominance of specific teams in either of the conferences waters down the thrill of watching the game. Despite this and other challenges, NBA is wildly popular both in North America and globally. However, there are ways that can be used to make the league more balanced and increase its popularity as well as the entertainment it offers to the fans. The intent of this paper is to come up with an idea for improving how the NBA is run with regard to the lack of competition balance.

The lack of competitive balance within the NBA is a reality. Various factors contribute to this issue. Due to their stronger financial muscle, the big teams are able to acquire rising talents from the much smaller teams. This is driven by the fact that the impact of a single player in a basketball game is larger than in any other sport. Star players earn the team millions of dollars in terms of endorsement (Venook, 2017). Though some quarters argue that the lack of parity in the NBA is actually a good thing, the lack of competitiveness hurts the league. The supporters of the disparity argue that there is an intrigue and thrill that arises when a team gives its all to try and beat a dominant side. For instance, a Western Conference team trying to beat the Golden State Warriors. Their claims are justified by the thrills that follow a dominant team being beaten by a considerably weaker team. However, this thrill quickly evaporates when a team consistently blows out all the other teams. The supporters also claim that the disparity ensures that the playoffs are more interesting and the finals even better by throwing out the weaker teams along the way (Sears, 2017). The competitive imbalance is such a pertinent issue that the NBA introduced the designated player exception within the collective bargaining agreement. One of the factors that has led to the disparity in competition within the league is the acquisition of star players by the big teams. The big teams therefore have a huge pool of talent against which the smaller teams cannot offer much resistance. The new NBA provision is intended to help the weaker (small market teams) hold onto their stars. The dominance of the league by certain teams has led to increase in the incidences of tanking by the smaller teams. Tanking is a situation whereby a team intentionally performs dismally to avoid playoffs and getting thrashed by the league’s giants. The league, just like the other major leagues, has a provision fo...

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