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The Source of Trade Imbalances (Research Paper Sample)


The Source of Trade Imbalances

President Donald Trump of the US believes that the US trade deficit, which in 2018 was nearly $US 880 billion, is a product of tariff barriers and restrictive market access facing US firms.  Of this deficit, approximately half was with China.   Although there is some truth to the fact that US firms (and firms from other countries for that matter) are facing restrictive market access in China, the source of the huge US trade deficit likely likes elsewhere.

Below is a link to an article in the NY Time that explores the issue.  In this final writing assignment, I would like you to summarize the argument Neil Irwin makes in his piece.  I would also like for you to connect his argument to our discussions earlier in the course.

You are limited to a single page.  Feel free to consult other sources if you want. 


The Source of Trade Imbalances
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The Source of Trade Imbalances

Neil Irwin makes interesting points regarding trade deficit. Irwin attempts to demystify the ever-growing $500 billion annual trade deficit that the US runs into annually. Irwin defines trade deficit a situation in which the value of a country’s imports exceed that of its exports. First, Irwin (2014) argues that trade deficits cannot conclusively be designated as good or bad. That can only be done after consideration of various circumstances.

Irwin (2014) notes the big correlation between trade deficit, savings and investment. Other investment and savings decisions unrelated to trade between two countries can have an effect on trade deficit as well. Irwin posits that giving massive tax cuts lowers budget deficit and eventually the country’s savings rate thus leasing to an increase in trade deficit. With less va

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