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Do The Societal Issues Influence Preference On Gun Laws? (Research Paper Sample)


This project is relies on multiple regression analysis to analyze a data set that is of interest to you. The final report for the project should be a 5-10 page paper that describes the questions of interest, how you used your data set to analyze these questions with details on the steps you used in your analysis, your findings about your question of interest and the limitations of your study. Specifically, your report should contain the following:
1. Introduction. The introduction succinctly states the problem you are interested in, briefly describes your data and the method of analysis, and summarizes your main conclusions. A summary of what you set out to learn, and what you ended up finding. It should summarize the entire report.
2. Data Description. This section provides the details of the data sources, any transformations you have done to the data (for example, changing the units of some variables), gives a table of summary statistics (means and standard deviations) of the variables, and provides scatterplots and/or other relevant plots of the data. If there are outliers other than those arising from corrected typographical or computer errors, this is the place to point them out.
3. Regression Analysis.Describe how you used multiple regression to analyze the data set. Specifically, you should discuss how you carried out the steps in analysis discussed in class, i.e., exploration of data to find an initial reasonable model, checking the model and changes to the model based on your checking of the model.
4. Empirical Results. This section provides the main empirical results in the paper. Conventionally, regression results are presented in tabular form, with footnotes clearly explaining the entries. The initial table of results should present the main results; sensitivity analysis using alternative specifications can be presented in additional columns in that table or in subsequent tables. For organizational purposes and clarity, you may chose to have some tables at the end of the paper, with appropriate references in the body of the paper as needed. The text should provide a careful discussion of the results, including assessments both of statistical significance and of economic significance, that is, the magnitude of the estimated relations in a real-world sense.
5. Summary and Discussion. This section summarizes your main empirical findings and discusses their implications for the original question of interest. Describe any limitations of your study and how they might be overcome in future research and provide brief conclusions about the results of your study.


Gun Control
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Gun Control
The question of gun control has been a highly contested issue in the US with supporters and opponents alike giving a myriad of reasons for their choice. But with the recent spate of public mass shootings, both authorities and citizens have continued to raise critical questions concerning their safety and public policy to curb the menace. Gun rights and gun control activists have continued to advocate for tighter gun control measures pushing legislation on gun laws through push for increased media attention and public interest. Gun rights lobbyists such as the powerful Nationals Rifle Association (NRA) have continued to advocate for increased access to firearms with emphasis given to qualified professionals (Newman & Hartman, 2017).
According to Hamilton & Kposowa (2015), there are at least 55,000 people who die as a result of injuries inflicted through violence associated with firearms in the United States. The data indicates that the US residents kill each other at unusually high rates as compared to similarly developed states in Europe and Asia. For instance, the homicide rates in the US in 2009 was 5.0 per 100,000, more than four times the median rate for all the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Hamilton & Kposowa, 2015: p.85). The unusually high and scary number of deaths on innocent civilians is an important question that requires further investigation and input from the citizens.
In this study, I wish to explore the various determinants that influence preference on gun control throughout the United States. An important factor in this research is to establish how preference on gun laws (Favor or Oppose) is influence by societal issues. My prediction regarding the relationship between different societal issues and how they influence preference on gun laws is that their influence is insignificant in deciding preference on gun laws.
In order to determine how various societal issues influence preference on gun laws, I decided to explore the data collected by the General Social Survey (GSS- that conducts voluntary survey from participants across the United States. I especially explored the 2014 data that contained certain societal issues that may influence the public opinion on the subject of gun law and its preference. Therefore, the study utilized the 2014 GSS data to establish the relationship between independent variables (societal issues) and how they influence preference on gun law (the dependent variable). This study utilized a multiple regression model to establish how multiple independent variables influence the dependent variable allowing me to pinpoint the most influential independent variable that influences preference on gun laws.
Research Questions and Hypothesis
Research Question: Do the societal issues (Individual incomes, race, household incomes and view that immigrant increase crimes rate) influence preference on gun laws?
Null Hypothesis
There is a significant influence of societal issues (Individual incomes, race, household incomes and view that immigrant increase crimes rate) on the preference on gun laws.
Alternative Hypothesis
The influence on the preference on gun laws by societal issues (Individual incomes, race, household incomes and view that immigrant increase crimes rate) is insignificant.
This final model of this study satisfies all the underlying assumptions associated with running an effective multiple regression analysis. The data used in this research study has no serious outliers, and none of the independent variables I examined pr...

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