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Employment and wages Mathematics & Economics Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the same essay as Micro but this time is MACRO please focus the point on the article
As I said the idea in the essays is to provide an analysis of the arguments in them not a simple summary of what they say. You need to identify the thesis of the article and assess the extent to which the article substantiates that thesis.
It should be 4 (but no more than 5) of double spaced 12point font types pages.


Employment and Wages
Due Date
Employment and Wages
The articles Why American unemployment is so low, Employment down, productivity up, and Britain’s unemployment is ultra-low, but its wages are ultra-measly present different views that are united by a single factor which is unemployment. In the article Why American unemployment is so low, the author shows why and how the unemployment rate in the United States is as low as it is. As indicated in the article, the unemployment rate appears to be at 3.7%, and while this is supported by the surging economy, there are also other factors which have helped to maintain it at this level including the simple fact that some people stopped looking for jobs out of frustration. In Employment down, productivity up, the author is trying to ask a question which experts have had numerous debates about: does higher minimum wage lead to increased productivity? Well, in this article, there is no conclusive report because higher minimum wage appears to influence productivity differently, but one agreeable fact is that it helps to lower employment. In some instances, however, it does lead to an increase in productivity, but its effect on employment levels is not clearly defined as is with productivity. In the last article, Britain’s unemployment is ultra-low, but its wages are ultra-measly seeks to explain how Britain’s economy has managed to show strength and growth continually but has failed to translate to pay raises for employees. There are several things that seem to arise from these three articles. The first one is that low unemployment rates do not necessarily mean that people have jobs or poverty levels are down. Secondly, low unemployment rates do not mean that people are enjoying high salaries. Thirdly, higher minimum wages do not necessarily mean that employment levels will universally go down or that people’s productivity will increase. This article thus seeks to give an in-depth analysis of the above articles with the focus being on the issues raised above.

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