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Econometrics, using regression to analysis wine Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The dependent variables deaths, heart, and liver, each can be regressed on alcohol as nice simple regression examples.The conventional wisdom is that wine is good for the heart but not for the liver, something that is apparent in the regressions.Because the number of observations is small, this can be a good data set to illustrate calculation of the OLS estimates and statistics


Econ3338.01: Introduction to Econometrics I Project Instructions You will be working on a project where you use multivariate regression analysis to analyze economic data. You will be responsible for determining the research question, formulating the regression model, finding the relevant data and papers, performing the analysis and discussing the results. Chapter 19 in Wooldridge’s “Introductory Econometrics” has many useful examples and suggestions for carrying out an empirical project. Technical Details-Formats Your final project must be submitted uploaded to a designated folder on Brightspace by December 15, 2020. Please submit an electronic copy of your first draft for a format check by December 6, 2020. If any important part of the paper is missing or is not properly presented, you will receive an email within 3-4 days. 1. Cover page. The cover page should be structured as follows: Name B00# Date Project Title Prepared for ECON 3338.01: Introduction to Econometrics 2. Length. The maximum length, including figures, tables and references, should not exceed 12 pages. 3. Font size and space. The text should be double-spaced, with size 12 font. 4. Equations. Use an equation editor (built-in in MS Word) to specify your model(s), and number all equations in your text sequentially (1, 2, etc). Proposed Outline 1. Introduction In this section, describe the research question and explain why it is important. Focus on the dependent variable. Provide a brief description of what you will do in your project (in each section), without getting into detail. 2. Literature review Provide a short review of journal articles and/or books that are closely related to your project. Include the complete reference for each reviewed study in the reference section. 3. Methodology This section must discuss in detail what you will do in this project. You should mention the questions that you will answer and how you plan to do so. For example, you write that you will investigate the effect of education and experience on wages. This will be done by considering a multivariate linear model, to be estimated by OLS. If there is a similar paper in the literature, you must explain the difference between your work and the cited paper. Is it in the methodology? Do you include more independent variables in your analysis? Do you use a different estimation technique? Do you have a different data set? Remember to write the regression that you plan to run using the following format:


The Relationship Between Wine Consumption, the Heart & Liver
Prepared for ECON 3338.01: Introduction to Econometrics
The relationship between alcohol intake, heart and liver-related deaths has had limited statistical analysis and inferences. Based on this gap, the author undertakes this study to bridge the gap and provide additional literature. The findings of this study show a negative relationship between heart-failure related deaths and alcohol and a positive relationship between Liver related deaths and alcohol. The results are statistically significant at a 5 percent significance level since the P-values of the coefficients of respective variables are less than 0.05.
1. Introduction
Conventionally, wine is good for the heart but not for the liver. The basis of these assertions is the associations rather than statistical analysis. A French paradox has been conveyed to try to explain this analogy. Though aspects have been considered to explain this relationship, statistical conclusions have been short of proving this relationship between the heart functionalities and the wine. While on the other hand, the relationship between the wine uptake and the liver hasn’t received major research works to present enough evidence for the severed relationship, as many have presumed.
Wine consumption has been regarded to have positive health benefits across the globe. Ramesh et al. (2006) conduct a study to determine the significance of wine and resveratrol in cardiovascular disease by revisiting the French paradox. The study concludes that moderate consumption of red wine helps to protect against a variety of diseases in human beings. The question most researchers have tried to answer while doing the research on this topic is to determine the moderate amount of wine. The benefits of red wine have made the United States recommend moderate consumption of alcohol through the Department of Health and Human Services to promote the national health and preventive disease project.

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