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Disruptive Technology: The Innovator’s Dilemma (Research Paper Sample)


Please choose option 1 to write. Writer please help me find a technology online (it can be historical or modern), and discuss whether it fits the Christensen definition of a disruptive technology, and its effects (past or present) on competing established technologies. More specifically, your discussion should include the following:
• A detailed description of the technology.
• A detailed discussion of how the technology initially provided (provides) worse performance than established technologies, and what new market it created (or what new functionality it provided consumers).
• A description of how it affected the market for the established technology, or some informed predictions of how it will affect the market for established technologies in the future.
Additional guidelines: Points will be given for the originality of your chosen technology (so try to be “innovative”), and for detail (include relevant data and figures where possible). Do not use an example from class! All sources should be thoroughly cited, and you must include a reference list. Plagiarism will (at a minimum) result in a score of zero.
I will give you a slices of our class, it have some disruptive technology example of it, but don't use the same one.


Disruptive Technology
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In his book titled The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, a Harvard University professor, defines disruptive technology as “the technology that is capable of displacing established technologies and shaking up the industry, as well as creating a whole new industry”. It clearly means a newly established or already existing technology that can change the fate of humanity and can replace existing technologies or make us forget the existing industry trends can be regarded as the disruptive technology. Artificial intelligence, robotics, healthcare innovations, blockchain technology, high-speed travels, 3D or 2D printing, and space colonization are good examples of that. However, I feel that the medical innovations are finest and best of all because a lot of new equipment and medications are being introduced to help patients get rid of both serious and minor disorders.
These days, various research projects are being carried out to ensure the development of new vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the creation of advanced therapies to help patients get cured in a better way. Genomic clinical trials, DNA and RNA testing, gene editing with CRISPR and cancer screening are all receiving the utmost attention of medical professionals and scientists. Thus, we can say that this is an interesting field to look into, especially if you belong to the healthcare profession. Disruptive medical innovations have the potential to change the fate of humanity as well as the healthcare industry. It helps clinicians and scientists come up with better health care options and develop new, innovative medications and vaccines.
For example, telemedicine, health trackers, and algorithms have made it possible to stream medical information from homes, which means the patients don’t have to wait for days to get themselves checked or confirm a doctor’s appointment. They can get diagnosed instantly, and the treatment may also begin in no time. Previously, there was no such concept and the patients used to wait in long queues and waste their time and energy unnecessarily. The situation was quite serious until the 20th century. Only a few research projects were carried out and costs went up when technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing were combined with the human touch of doctors. Embracing disruptive technology seems to be the only way for survival as it enhances the patient-doctor relationship. In some circumstances, patients who are themselves skilled and educated can hack their health, leading to biological differences due to limited resources and financial disparities.
By no means, we can deny the significance and role of medical innovations in our lives. If we do so, new social and economic conflicts may arise. For example, the way medical technology and healthcare innovations have changed the

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