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Financial Derivatives and Partial Differential Equation (Research Paper Sample)


Next, I will upload the file, which is the main article used. The teacher's request is to summarize this article. Regarding the type of the article, I don't know what it is, I chose a research paper. The article asks to write math paper. Therefore, I hope to be able to reflect the mathematics as much as possible, that is, the application of partial differential equation in financial derivatives. I hope that the summary can be summarized, and the description content is as full as possible. Later, I will make presentations based on this paper. The core is the math paper, which must be reflected in mathematics. There are not too many requirements for citations. Then there are any questions I hope I can keep in touch at any time. For paper, it is better to be able to write, it should be counted as a thesis. There are not many pages, or a major requirement is to reflect the paper of mathematics.


Financial Derivatives and Partial Differential Equation
Almgren (2002) focuses on the application of partial differential equations to determine the value of financial derivatives. An asset provides claim to future cash flows, while a derivative is a financial asset or security whose values are derived from or depends on the value of another asset. The author begins by addressing how the price fluctuation of stocks, which is one form of asset, can be evaluated using statistics, and he extends this concept to valuing derivatives such as options using a partial differential equation. Statistics is also useful to determine the expected size of the price motions or fluctuations. This is a summary of the application of partial differential equation on financial derivatives, specifically, assets and derivatives, European option valuation and the American and exotic options.

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