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How Each Industry Effect China Economic Before And After Access WTO? (Research Paper Sample)


Select five industries (eg pharmaceutical, paper, textile and apparel industry, etc.) to understand the impact of each industry on China's economy before and after the WTO. Also need DATASET (, which is what the teacher wants us to use).
1. Rules: word; line spacing: 1.5 lines; 11 points, Times New Roman; at least 5 pages (not including the references), but the literature review cannot be more than 1 page. You need to check how to cite references, make sure you cite when you talk other people's papers. This is very important. Make sure you state the data source clearly.
2. Parts
Part one: Motivation and research question. Clearly state your research question, explain why it is an important and interesting question in economics.
Part two: Introduce any institutional (policy) background information that is needed
Part three: Literature review and your contribution
Part four: Discuss the dataset you are using or you plan to use.
Part five: Discuss your methodology in details
Part six:Show results if you have, or make predictions what you expect to find and discussion.
Notes: Economics paper has very fixed format, the innovation part is the context, not the format. Find a paper published in American Economic Review, mimic its format. This is the best way to learn.


How Each Industry Affects China Economic Before And After Access WTO?
Motivation and research question
What is the impact of China

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