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BUDGET PROPOSAL (Research Paper Sample)

Obtain a copy of an agency's budget and the agency's mission statement. Keeping in mind the mission and research that you have done about the agency, identify a change, which you think would improve the agency's effectiveness and help it to obtain its mission. The total for the proposal cannot exceed $1,000,000. Write a proposal that includes the following information about the agency and the proposal. 1. Agency Name 2. Proposal Name 3. Identified Need – Demonstrate the need for the proposal 4. Description – Explain how the program would function when implemented 5. First Year Costs (with detailed explanations) 6. Future Year Costs (FY 2 to FY 5) 7. Measure of Success 8. Required Changes source..
Budget and mission statement for Marshalls Motors E.A Abstract Marshalls Motors is an agency that franchises several types of motor vehicles such as KIA, FORCE, Honda motorcycles and Delta range of products such as Fulmen batteries, Delphi diesel pumps, TRW Lucas brake and suspension parts and electrical parts. The group has faced several challenges in its operations and management as well as ownership wrangles. The company is nevertheless trying to make profits from the sales and service of Peugeot spare parts. Its losses in the previous years have resulted in lack of focus on operating environment whereas its rivals have launched new models to rev up sales. The low performance has seen investors give less priority to Marshalls stock with shares trading less favorably in the stock market. Analysts predict a tough operating environment for the entire auto industry in the medium term. This article is a proposal of how the mission statement should be revised and implemented for the betterment of the operations of the company. Discussion This is a programme that is aimed at improving the management as well as ensuring high level of sales of vehicles by the agency. It is also aimed at developing a way of costing that ensures that expenses are reduced as well as increase in income to the agency. The functioning of the programme will begin by allocating more resources into areas such as advertisement and after sales services. More resources will also be put in training of staff in the fields of management and advertisement. The shareholders wrangles will also need to be settled to ensure they do not interfere with the management of the agency. After sales support will also be enhanced with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment. More resources will be allocated on computerized network and stringent quality check systems will be put in place to ensure no theft of the agency of assets by the public. First year costs The following is a table of major areas of expenditure Marshalls Motors in the first year of implementation of the project ActivityCosts in $Training of employees200Computerizing operations300Advertisement of products300Employ security guards 100Total900 More finance will be allocated on training of employees on the ways of marketing the agency’s cars on display. They will also be trained on how to maintain those cars while they are on display before being bout by customers. They are also responsible for carrying out repair and maintenance of those cars once thy have been bought by customers. It is therefore worth investing more finances in their training. In addition, more resources will be allocated towards enhancing computer system to allow traceability of records and allowing transactions to be carried ...
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