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Work-Life Balance As It Relates To Non-Profit Management (Research Paper Sample)


I need a title page and abstract using the topic "Work Life Balance" as it relates to Non-Profit Management.
Here are the references to use:
-McShane, S., & Von Glinow, M. (2015). Organizational behavior (7th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill
-Worth, M. J. (2017) Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice (4th edition) Washington, D.C. Sage Publishing
-Specialopsorg. (2017). Specialopsorg. Retrieved 24 July, 2017, from


Work-Life Balance As It Relates To Non-Profit Management
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In life, individuals have to work in order to be able to earn the money that they require in order to satisfy their needs. In order to do this, then one has to plan their work-life in order to ensure that it balances well and that they don't get fatigue. The work includes their career and ambitions while the life includes their mental and physical health, their manner in which they socialize with other people and their spiritual development. Non profit management refers to the type of management that an individual has to do but is not aimed at the idea of making profits but rather ensuring that specific activities are running well. Therefore, this paper will focus on the manner in which the work-life balance relates to non-profit management.
Individuals who engage in non-profit management fully understand the various skills that are necessary when it comes to leading the organizations towards the achievement of its goals. Given the fact that it is not easy to measure the productivity of non-profit management, then this brings about its relationship with work-life balance. App

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