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Requested Report About Jax Becoming More Sustainable (Research Paper Sample)


This assignment is about an umbrella company that is called jax and I am the administrative assisant. More details down at the bottom and also follow the outline attached as I have a very tough marker.
1. Each paragraph must have 2 or more citations and the whole paper must be filled with logical and related researches.
2. Analyze all the research and data gathered.
3. Stick to the topic
4. Use 2 or more logical transtions in each paragraph
5. Watch out for comma splice, dangling modifiers, and misplaced pronouns
6. Use a topic sentence at the beginining for each paragraph and the rest of paragraph should supports it with research.
7. keep paragraphs around the same length.
8. It is a memo format.
9. Include a conclusion and recomendation paragraph based on the research and avoid using perhaps or maybe at this paragraph. It also must include specific actions.
10. 2 pages and a page by itself for the refernces and follow the APA format exactly.


Subject:Requested Report About Jax Becoming More Sustainable
As requested, I have determined that the plastic and steel used to manufacture the handles and canopies of the umbrellas are disposable. Jax’s umbrellas create environmental problems from their manufacturing stage to the point where they are disposed of by customers. The sources used in the report are from business journals, books, scholarly articles, and recent report retrieved from databases such as National Geographic. I recommend the following: adoption of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) as raw material, the establishment of a recycling department to recycle PET, and the use of handbooks to educate and encourage customers to return the umbrellas to the company without contaminating them. 

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