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Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Project Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Project Procurement Process Paper
Based on either your personal project experience or your research, select a project. In 5-7 page research paper:
" Describe your project,
" Apply the PMBOK's 3 processes of project procurement to your project, and
" Analyze the positive and negative aspects of project procurement as applied to your project.
Remember, this is a research project so outside research so other scholarly sources (i.e., not wiki, not PMP review materials) is required. Must be proven scholarly.
Please see attached template This template must be used for this assignment.
Must adhere to strict APA format. Please see template.


Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Project
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Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Project
Over the past few decades, the need for outpatient services has been on the rise not only in the United States but also across the globe. This shift has been influenced by the new medical procedures and technological advancements that are being witnessed across all sectors of the economy. Due to this high demand in ambulatory care, healthcare providers are not able to meet this need especially for those individuals who are seeking surgery services. However, for the past five years, ambulatory services have been dominated by primary care departments and governments as well as healthcare providers are on the process of turning it into a community-based care. Therefore, governments and healthcare institutions have embarked on massive investments of either expanding the available surgery departments to include ambulatory departments or constructing new centers. The current project is involved with the construction of a new ambulatory surgery center with the capacity of 300 beds.
The process of constructing an ambulatory surgery center is a complicated one, but at the same time it is controllable. However, even the regulatory standards as well as operational procedures tend to be daunting and contradictory at the same time, the process can be accomplished through a priority-based series of events under the project management process. However, the successfulness of the project largely depends on the procurement process. The current design and construction frameworks are changing the manner in which projects are being executed but they fail to align themselves with health systems procurement procedures and or vendor supplies techniques (Walker, 2015). This gap is complex to bridge. However, the integration of the PMBOK project procurement processes is essential to the success of this process. Having a timely integration of the procurement management process will help in the mitigation of risks and reduction of costs. Therefore, the aligning the independent process into the project as described below is important for superior outcomes.
Project Procurement Management Processes
According to PMBOK, project procurement management is “the process necessary to purchase or acquire the products, services, or results needed from outside the project team,” (Gar, 2014). It is concerned with the establishment, maintenance and closure of relationships with suppliers of the necessary resources for the project completion. PMBOK has provided four processes, but I will only consider the first three which I think are applicable to our project.
* Plan procurement management
This is the first process which is involved with the creation of a project procurement management plan. In this process, various decisions are made in regard to what resources are to be outsourced and those that will be provided by the project team or organization. Various procurement documents and criteria are developed during this process based on vendor selection. This plan will only be developed after a careful analysis of the project requirements has been done (Gar, 2014). Conversely, it can be strengthened by wide consultations on the scope of the project, schedule, health system procedures and regulations as well as risk manual. These materials will help in providing the necessary information to avoid any problems that may arise due to improper planning. Construction of an ambulatory surgery center is a complex task that requires a detailed and effective integration of various procedures, regulations and all the necessary information. The complexity and delicacy of surgeries demand a proper procurement management plan to ...

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