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Project Company Organizational Analysis of Coca-Cola (Research Paper Sample)


Project : Company/Organizational Analysis
For our project this semester please choose a company or an organization from the list below that you are interested in learning more about. Once you have chosen an organization/company from the list you are ready to begin your research.
Choose 1:
Johnson & Johnson
Coca Cola
This is what you will need to do for the project:
Describe your organization's Mission, Vision & Goals. I would like this to be written in your own words and not directly taken as an excerpt from an annual report.
Describe how your organization promotes Diversity within their workplace.
What type of Organizational Codes and/or Ethics does your organization promote and follow? How do they incorporate Social Responsibility?
Describe your organization's Culture.
Describe your organization's Task Environment and General Environment.
Include an Organizational Structure/Hiearchy chart and description of it. Please describe if your organization has a tall or flat organizational structure and if they use centralized or decentralized authority.
Include and describe a SWOT analysis (table or chart) and use it to propose your Recommendations for your organization.
Be sure to refer to your text to understand each of the above. Incorporate information from your text, outside sources, as well as your own ideas and opinions.
*Your project should be a minimum of 4 pages plus 2 charts (SWOT & Organizational Structure chart) and 1 Works Cited Page. Your works cited page must include a minimum of 4 sources, including your textbook. Please use MLA format and include in text citations when needed.* You can refer to your web resources button for links to help you properly cite your sources.
Please use 12 font double-spaced, WORD document.
I want to see your opinion and analysis along with factual information. Be sure to cite all sources.
Remember to refer to the project rubric.
Your work must be submitted to the course, not emailed.


Organizational Analysis of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 1886, the company manufactures, retails, and markets a wide range of syrups and concentrates. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and registered revenue of US$ 35.410 billion in 2017 (The Coca-Cola Company). It has a workforce of over 61,000 people around the world (The Coca-Cola Company). The mission of the company is to use its brands to inspire happiness and optimism, refresh the world in body, mind, and spirit as well as create value and make a difference. To achieve this mission, the company has come up with various goals, which it shares with its many bottlers. These goals include inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves, offering a wide portfolio of drinks to the world, partnering with various networks, bettering the world through social responsibility, as well as ensuring returns to shareholders. The values on which the company is built on include leadership, collaboration, accountability, integrity, passion, diversity, and quality (Journey Staff).
Diversity at Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola serves a richly diverse market and strives to mirror this diversity in its workplace and marketplace through leadership, inclusion, and fairness. The company strives to provide information, development, and opportunity equally to all its associates. By building an inclusive work environment, the company gives leverage to all the global associates together with the people, talents, and ideas that they bring to the table. The company’s long-term sustainability is anchored in its ability to understand and embrace the multicultural world. Various people within the organization are tasked with the advancement of the diversity and inclusion agenda. Various global associates are also involved in the journey. Surveys and diversity education programs are some of the activities carried out to enhance diversity. On top of strategies and programs aimed at attracting, retaining, and developing diverse talents, Coca-Cola also provides support systems for employees from diverse backgrounds (The Coca-Cola Company).
Organizational Code and Ethics
The Coca-Cola Company is guided by a Code of Business Conduct that must also be followed by all the associates and directors both at the workplace and in the community. The code serves as the core of the company’s approach to ethics and compliance. The code emphasizes the need for accountability in all the company’s undertakings. The company also has an anti-corruption program that is dedicated to ensuring that all business within the company structure is carried out in an ethical, fair, and legal manner. Moreover, all the subsidiaries are required to adhere to the anti-corruption laws in their respective countries. The Supplier Code of Business Conduct dictates the expectations that the suppliers are supposed to meet. The education, monitoring as well as the assessment of the Code of Business Conduct is enforced by the Ethics and Compliance Committee. Regular monitoring and audit on the compliance of the code are also carried out. Code issues are investigated and handled when they arise (The Coca-Cola Company).
Social Responsibility
Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the business in the more than 200 countries and territories where the Coca-Cola Company is represented. At least 1% of the company’s annual operating income is given back to fund various programs aimed at creating sustainable communities. These programs include water stewardship, women’s empowerment, education, healthy living initiatives, humanitarian efforts, among many others. For instance, the Pr

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